The CIW Certification: Overview and Career Path

It’s almost impossible to have a business of any kind and not have a website. For numerous if not most customers, a website helps as the basic means through which they collect information and make buying decisions about a business and its products. It’s never been more essential to have a website that is aesthetically and functionally pleasant. That’s one reason that “web design” is an increasingly convex domain of IT that more and more people are paying attention to.

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With the expeditious expansion of technology that we experience in this modern era, it is necessary to ensure that there are a suitable number of qualified individuals who are proficient of working on, leading and protecting this vast informational resource.

CIW Certification: Overview

CIW certification is also known as a certified internet webmaster. This certification is one of the globally trusted certifications that help the applicants to work for a reputed information technology organization. CIW certification principally deals with the tools that are expected for the professionals to execute well in any working environment. This implies that the training for this program is necessary for both hardware and software operations. CIW certification is designed best for the applicants who work as a web designer or a web developer or webmaster. These professionals can certify with masters in certified internet webmaster designing certification. After certifying with this program, these applicants can get more offers and can stand demand all the time in the relevant field.

Importance of CIW Certifications

When starting a career based on Web technology it is inevitable to confirm your skills to prove to current, and future, employers that you are competent of executing your role to the expected standards. When you obtain a CIW Web Certification, you will not only acquire the necessary skills to do what needs to be done but also earn the credibility that comes with having a globally recognized CIW Certification in your career.

The CIW Web Certification has been rapidly growing in popularity since the late 1990’s, and CIW has constantly improved their certification to match the “upgrades” in current technology. One of the most traditional choices for CIW certification comes in the form of their Web Design certifications. Becoming a Web Designer requires exhaustive training and the Web Design courses that guide to CIW certification meet the requirements.

Another benefit of achieving a CIW Certification when probing to become a Web Designer is that the CIW Certification courses are designed using the best possible information which is accumulated from various providers as opposed to a single provider. CIW certification exams are designed for the professionals who know web designing, web development, and web related operations. This means that earning a CIW Certification will give a Web Designer a very versatile approach.

CIW certification comes in many forms and other web professionals, aside from Web Designers, can also benefit hugely from getting a CIW Certification. So it's important to know that there is a lot more to the CIW certification career path than just its Web Design certification.

The CIW Certifications

The CIW certification concentrates on the foundational criteria and work skills that allow the Internet to function, including Web design, administration, development, networking, databases, and security. CIW certification is composed of an extensive series of curriculum and high stakes certification examinations developing IT in foundational and specific career path subject matters.

One of the prominent features of CIW certification is that you have various options throughout your studies and are compensated for each step that you take along the journey towards becoming a web professional. This means that you can add relevant qualifications to your CV while you are still in the process of completing the main CIW Certification that you are working towards.

There are four main CIW certification options on the CIW certification career path

CIW Web Foundations Certification

The CIW certification for Web Foundations will give just that – a solid foundation of digital literacy skills and perception of Internet Business, Web Design and Development as well as data networking. This is the perfect starting point for an individual who aspires to become a Web Designer.

The CIW Web Certification that is gained from the courses in this series is the CIW Web Foundations Associate.

CIW Web Foundations Certification:

CIW Web Design Certification

This CIW certification series is the perfect path for any Web Designer who is seeking to add CIW certification to their list of achievements as this is an advanced series of CIW certifications. To receive this CIW Web certification, there are two exams which must be passed. Although this stop on the CIW career path does not present two options, it does allow you to earn three CIW certifications when you clear just the two certification exams. After passing each of the two certification exams, you will receive the associated CIW certification, and once you have passed both exams, you will be the spirited owner of the CIW Web Design Professional certification.

CIW Web Development Certification

Next certification on the CIW Web Certification career path is the CIW Web Development series of courses which can also be taken as the one-course grouping. The distinct benefits of this series are that it blends an essential set of skills such as back-end programming language, the ability to integrate these with a database and front-end scripting language. This is a remarkably distinct range of capabilities.

Similar to the Web Design certification, this series of courses will qualify you to earn a CIW Certification for each of the three exams that you pass while studying headed for your CIW Web Development certification. After completing your studies and passing all three of the associated exams, you will automatically gain the CIW Web Development Professional certification – resulting in four certifications for just three exams.

CIW Web Security Certification

When it comes to the CIW career path to CIW Web Certification, the Web Security certifications are a little different from the rest. This step is split into three stages, and each one has different requirements. Although this may seem like you are taking a temporary route, bear in mind the value that can be appended by a CIW Web Certification and it will be obvious that it is a beneficial detour.

Each CIW Web Certification is important in itself, and even if you decide to focus on only one area, you will get the benefits that come with achieving each CIW Web Certification. Though CIW Certification career path is a meandering journey if you go the full distance, it is well worth traveling as you have the incredible capacity to acquire a total of 14 certifications along the way.

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