Veritas NetBackup Administration (VCS-274) Certification Sample Questions

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Veritas VCS-274 Sample Questions:

01. Which NetBackup 7.7 command should an administrator use to move a tape to a different volume pool?
a) vmupdate
b) tpconfig
c) bpmedia
d) vmchange
02. A NetBackup environment with a single standalone LTO5 tape drive is experiencing slow performance when restoring a small number of files from a tape with multiplexed backup images.
What should the administrator do to improve restore performance for future backups?
a) enable checkpoint restart
b) disable multistreaming
c) reduce fragment size
d) disable tape compression
03. Which report identifies volumes that were used for backups within a specified time period?
a) Tape Written
b) Tape Summary
c) Tape Logs
d) Tape Lists
04. In which two areas of NetBackup 7.7 is multiplexing configured?
(Select two.)
a) policy attributes
b) global attributes
c) schedules attributes
d) storage unit configuration
e) media server host properties
05. A BasicDisk storage unit is 500 GB and is running out of space. The disk and file system is resized to 800 GB. What must occur to use this new disk space?
a) initiate a backup operation to the BasicDisk storage unit
b) run nbdevquery to refresh the disk inventory
c) restart the Disk Manager (bpdm) process
d) run bpstsinfo to update the high water mark
06. Which two steps should be used to verify that Shared Storage Option (SSO) will function properly?
(Select two.)
a) run ping to verify connectivity between servers
b) run tpconfig to initialize the library
c) run bpclntcmd to verify name resolution
d) run robtest to verify the library
e) run the Storage Device Wizard to initialize the library
07. The nbemmcmd -getemmserver command on a new NetBackup 7.7 media server produces the error displayed below. Failed to initialize EMM connection.
Which two steps are used to diagnose the issue?
(Select two.)
a) remove the media server name from the additional servers list on the EMM server
b) run the bpclntcmd -hn command on the EMM server to confirm that the master server was able to resolve its own hostname
c) telnet from the master server to the media server's VNETD port
d) verify that network access to the EMM server is available
e) erify that the nbemm and pbx_exchange daemons/services are running on the EMM server
08. Which two catalog components contain information on what has been backed up and its metadata in NetBackup 7.7?
(Select two.)
a) Media
b) Image
c) Volume
e) Class
09. An administrator needs to back up a server with a large file system that contains many files. Very little data changes on this file system daily.
Which approach minimizes the total backup time for a given month?
a) run full backups monthly and differential incremental backups daily
b) run full backups weekly and differential incremental backups daily
c) run full backups monthly, cumulative incremental backups weekly, and differential incremental backups daily
d) run full backups weekly and cumulative incremental backups daily
10. What are two ways to include files for scheduled backups?
(Select two.)
a) specify files to back up using Data Classifications
b) use storage lifecycle policies to specify files to back up
c) specify files to be backed up in the policy backup selections
d) use Client Properties > Windows client > Exclude list Exceptions
e) specify files using the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c, d
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: a, c
Question: 07
Answer: d, e
Question: 08
Answer: b, d
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: c, d

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