Dell Technologies PowerScale Solutions Expert (DEE-1421) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell Technologies DEE-1421 Sample Questions:

01. An administrator notices slower than usual response times when users access files on the Dell EMC Isilon cluster.
In order to determine the number of packets that have been re-transmitted over a given period, the administrator uses the UNIX netstat utility on each node in the cluster.
When the re-transmission rate reaches a certain value, represented as a percentage of the total transmissions, the rate is considered to be unacceptable. What is that value?
a) 0.1%
b) 0.2%
c) 1%
d) 2%
02. Which host-based SMB migration utility provides multi-threaded copy operations and performs file hashing between the source and target?
a) isi_vol_copy
b) emcopy64
c) isi_migrate
d) rsync
03. A company using a Dell EMC Isilon cluster has enabled STIG. Which feature will be affected when a security hardening policy is enabled?
a) Logging into the cluster over SSH as the “root” user is blocked
b) Logging into the cluster over a serial connection as the “root” user is blocked
c) Logging into the cluster over a web browser as the “root” user is blocked
d) Logging into the cluster over SSH as the “admin” user is blocked
04. Data from a third-party storage platform will be migrated to a Dell EMC Isilon cluster. There are multiple subnets to be connected, each with a default gateway IP address.
The third-party platform has the ability to detect which gateway sends a packet and is able to return a reply back to the same gateway. The third-party platform uses stateful packet inspection.
What does SBR use to determine where to send packets when the address is not on any local subnet?
a) Packet Reflect information to determine where to send the reply packets
b) RIP information to determine where to send the reply packets
c) A dynamic forwarding rule is created containing details of where to send the reply packets
d) Stateful packet inspection on incoming packets and then uses the information to determine where to send the reply packets
05. An administrator configured replication groups in ECS for the archived files from a Dell EMC Isilon cluster. The administrator disabled the “Replicate to All Sites” feature.
However, after adding another ECS cluster, the administrator needs to re-enable the feature. Which recommended action should be provided?
a) Browse to the replication group and then select “Enable” from only the GUI
b) Use SyncIQ from the Isilon side to replicate the archived ECS files to all sites
c) Log in through the CLI with the “root” account and enable the feature for the replication group
d) Create a new replication group as the existing group cannot be changed
06. You have added four Dell EMC Isilon H600 nodes to a company's current Gen 5 cluster. If the current data center only has 120v power, what is the power requirements for the new nodes?
a) Y-cables; each with two 120v inputs
b) Add four transformers; one per node
c) Add two transformers to avoid a single point of failure
d) No additional power requirements are needed
07. What is recommended when using NDMP with a Dell EMC Isilon cluster?
a) Dynamic IP addresses with Backup Accelerator nodes
b) Three-way NDMP backup using a SmartConnect name with a large IP address pool
c) Three-way NDMP backup using a production Access zone
d) Static IP addresses with Backup Accelerator nodes
08. A pair of Dell EMC Isilon clusters that are running OneFS 8.1 have SyncIQ replication policies configured. One of the Advanced Settings options for each SyncIQ policy is “Prepare policy for accelerated failback performance”.
How will enabling this option help to improve failback performance?
a) Additional “workers” will be allocated to the SyncIQ policy for the duration of the failback
b) Domainmark job will run the next time the policy synchronizes with the target
c) Other SyncIQ policies will be paused during the failback where this setting has been enabled
d) Priority is given to SyncIQ policies where this setting is enabled
09. A company needs to relocate their Dell EMC Isilon disaster recovery site to another location with different IP addresses.
This will result in changing the target IP address in the SyncIQ policies on the main cluster. The company is concerned about how the policies will react by this change.
What is the expected result of this change?
a) Differential copy will be taken first and will take a long time to synchronize
b) Nothing; incremental synchronization will continue normally
c) Changing the target cluster IP address will make the policies resynchronize from the beginning
d) New policies will be created as the existing policies will no longer be valid
10. You have a Dell EMC Isilon cluster with two groupnets. You just changed the IP address in the subnet on groupnet1.
Groupnet0 consists of all NFS clients and has active clients. Clients accessing the changed subnet are receiving a “Cannot Access” error.
What needs to be performed to access the changed subnet on the cluster?
a) Flush the dnscache for only groupnet1
b) Flush the dnscache for all groupnets
c) Flush the cbind cache for all groupnets
d) Flush the cbind cache for only groupnet1


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: d

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