Become a Data Scientist by Passing Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Exam Using Valid and Verified Practice Test

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Data science is about pursuing the latest knowledge from current information. It requires curiosity, a curious brain, and the readiness to take on a challenge. Commanding new skills and taking into account new perspectives all the time is what it requires to flourish in the Data science field. Consider earning Data Science certifications as something you can utilize to fill the gap between academia and actual industry practices. One such Data Science certification is Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Data Engineering - Data Scientist DES-7DE1 certification exam. This certification will equip you with concrete evidence of your skills and empower you to place yourself purposefully for your next job, promotion, or career activity.

Overview of Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Certification

Dell EMC DES-7DE1 certification will help aspiring or practicing data scientists, data engineers, data stewards, or anyone accountable for managing or processing data sets.

Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam emphasizes the role of a data engineer in thriving analytic projects and the different tools and methods, such as SQL, NoSQL, Apache Spark, the Hadoop ecosystem, streaming and IoT data processing, data governance, Python, and building data pipelines.

Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Exam Details

This exam comprises 60 questions that are supposed to be completed within 90 minutes. The professionals keen on taking the Dell EMC Data Scientist Data Engineering exam are expected to pay a registration fee of $230.

Dell EMC DES-7DE1 is appertaining on six objectives that you need to master. The exam assesses the learner’s knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • The Role of the Data Engineer (5%)

  • Data Warehousing with SQL and NoSQL (17%)

  • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Offload with Hadoop and Spark (18%)

  • Data Governance, Security and Privacy for Big Data (20%)

  • Processing Streaming and IoT Data (20%)

  • Building Data Pipelines with Python (20%)

Top 5 Preparation Tips to Get Flying Score in Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Exam

Passing Dell EMC DES-7DE1 is not a walk in the park. Though, the candidates who prepare competently for this exam normally pass it quickly on their first try. Therefore, the secret to passing this Dell EMC exam exists within the preparation. This is why this article is decided to highlight some of the most useful exam preparation tips for the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam. Follow them strictly, and you will be among those who have achieved the Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Data Engineering - Data Scientist certification.

1. Understand Exam Objectives

Before you begin with your exam preparation, you should first become familiar with the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam objectives. This is the first step to knowing what you need to study. When you understand the exam objectives, you will be able to get the appropriate study resources. If you don’t understand the exam syllabus topics, you will not perceive what you are learning to achieve.

2. Create a Solid Study Plan

After understanding all the objectives of the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam, the next thing to do is create a study plan for how you will prepare for the exam. You can begin by recognizing the most useful study resources and sites you will lean on. Make sure to follow your study plan strictly throughout your preparation journey.

3. Take Recommended Training

The recommended training is based on the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam objectives and how to deal with different exam questions. Taking a training course will help you understand the exam objectives in detail and have a solid grasp of exam concepts. The following curriculum is recommended for candidates preparing to take the DES-7DE1 exam. Please choose one of the options below.

  • Introduction to Data Engineering (ES731OCMIDENG)

  • Data Warehousing with SQL and NoSQL - On-Demand Course (ES732OCMDATAW)

  • ETL Offload with Hadoop and Spark - On-Demand Course (ES732OCMETLHS)

  • Data Governance, Security and Privacy for Big Data - On-Demand Course (ES732OCMDGSPR)

  • Processing Streaming and IoT Data - On-Demand Course (ES732OCMPSIOT)

  • Building Data Pipelines with Python - On-Demand Course (ES732OCMBDPPY)

  • Data Engineering Workshop (ES722OCMDEWRK)

4. Watch Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Video Tutorials

Watching relevant video tutorials is one of the best tactics for preparing for any Dell EMC certification exam. To avail of most of the videos, follow along acutely while the tutor is explaining. If you are not a book lover, watching these videos can be your best option when preparing for the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam.

5. Use Dell EMC DES-7DE1 Practice Test

Whatever study resources you utilize to prepare for your Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Data Engineering - Data Scientist certification exam, you should make sure that you also attempt practice tests. They will help you measure your learning, and you will be able to point out any knowledge gap. That way, you will know the topics you are well-versed with and areas you still require to direct your learning on. By taking Dell EMC DES-7DE1 practice tests, you will also perceive how the questions are asked and how to deal with them. This boosts your confidence to encounter the exam and helps you acquaint yourself with what you will encounter on exam day. Edusum has a large number of practice questions that the applicants can use to prepare for their DES-7DE1 Dell EMC exam.


With the Dell EMC DES-7DE1 exam resources that have been accurate, authentic, and aligned with the Dell EMC DCS-DS exam official syllabus, any applicant who takes the exam preparation procedure sincerely can always pass the exam on the first attempt. Make sure to use the tips mentioned above, and you can crack this certification exam.

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