Dell EMC Information Storage and Management (DEA-1TT4) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell EMC DEA-1TT4 Sample Questions:

01. What is an accurate statement about the application streaming technique of application virtualization?
a) Application is downloaded in portions on the client for local execution
b) Application executes remotely and its user interface is transmitted to the client
c) Application executes on the client without the use of a locally-installed agent
d) Application is converted into a standalone package that directly executes on the client
02. What is a benefit of implementing a virtual machine (VM) storage migration?
a) Improves the security of applications running inside VMs on the migrated storage system
b) Enables VMs to keep functioning even if the source data is lost due to a failure
c) Balances storage utilization by redistributing VMs across different storage systems
d) Reduces the overall storage system capacity requirements for organizations
03. A RAID set is created from eight disks, and a RAID level 5 is implemented on the RAID set. If the strip size is 32 KB, what is the stripe size?
a) 128
b) 160
c) 224
d) 256
04. What does the transformation of an operating model for third platform adoption involve?
a) Establishing new roles and responsibilities to manage IT services
b) Provisioning IT resources through a self-service portal
c) Adopting virtualization technologies to enable automation
d) Building new technical and business skills in the IT staff
05. What is a characteristic of software-defined networking?
a) External software combines both data plane and control plane functions
b) Controller in network switchestakes over data plane functions
c) Data plane sends instructions to the controlplane to handle network traffic
d) Abstracts and separates the control plane from the data plane
06. Which type of storage system is built specifically for storing fixed content?
a) Content addressed storage
b) Block-based storage
c) File-based storage
d) Unified storage
07. What keeps the name server up-to-date on all switches in a fabric?
b) Zoning
c) Management server
08. What is an accurate statement about Infrastructure as a Service?
a) Consumer has control over the operating systems and the deployed applications
b) Consumer only has control over user-specific application configuration settings
c) Consumer has control over network devices, compute systems, and storage systems
d) Consumer only has control over the configuration settings of the application-hosting environment
09. What is the time taken by the platter of a hard disk drive to position data under the read/write head?
a) Data transfer rate
b) Rotational latency
c) Disk service time
d) Seek time
10. What is an accurate statement about a fabric-provided MAC address (FPMA) used in an FCoE SAN?
a) FC switches provide MAC addresses to VE_Ports dynamically during discovery
b) FCoE switches provide MAC addresses to VN_Ports during node login
c) Compute systems provide MAC addresses to the VF_Ports on FCoE switches
d) Both VF_Ports and VE_Ports obtain MAC addresses from FC switches


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: b

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