Microsoft Security Fundamentals (98-367) Certification Sample Questions

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Microsoft 98-367 Sample Questions:

01. To implement multifactor authentication you should use:
a) encryption.
b) a smart card and a PIN.
c) a username and password.
d) a biometric input device.
02. Creating MD5 hash for files is an example of ensuring what?
a) Confidentiality
b) Availability
c) Least privilege
d) Integrity
03. You need to ensure that all security updates have been applied to one of your servers. What should you use?
a) Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
b) ScanState.exe
c) A RADIUS server
d) Windows Deployment Services
04. Which type of security service is concerned with preventing or detecting any tampering with data?
a) Authentication
b) Availability
c) Integrity
d) Confidentiality
05. What does implementing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) allow a company to manage?
a) Shared private encryption key updates
b) Updates to Group Policy Objects
c) Active Directory server replication
d) Windows updates for workstations and servers
06. How does the sender policy framework (SPF) aim to reduce spoofed email?
a) It provides a list of IP address ranges for particular domains so senders can be verified.
b) It includes an XML policy file with each email that confirms the validity of the message.
c) It lists servers that may legitimately forward mail for a particular domain.
d) It provides an encryption key so that authenticity of an email message can be validated
07. Windows Firewall is a:
a) stateless software firewall.
b) stateful software firewall.
c) means of physically protecting a Windows server.
d) hardware firewall.
08. You have a training room with 10 computers. You need to be able to control what software can be run by specific users logging on to the computers. What should you use?
(Choose two.)
a) SmartScreen Filtering
b) Network Access Protection
c) Software restriction policies
d) AppLocker
e) A firewall filter
09. A mail system administrator scans for viruses in incoming emails to increase the speed of mail processing. Select the correct answer if the underlined text does not make the statement correct. Select "No change is needed" if the underlined text makes the statement correct.
a) Decrease the chances of a virus getting to a client machine
b) Verify that the senders of the messages are legitimate
c) Ensure that all links in the messages are trustworthy
d) No change is needed.
10. Which type of firewall allows for inspection of all characteristics of a packet?
a) NAT
b) Stateful
c) Stateless
d) Windows Defender


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: d
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: c, d
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: b

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