201-450 LPIC-2 Certification Sample Questions

LPIC-2 Dumps, 201-450 Dumps, 201-450 PDF, LPIC-2 VCE, LPI 201-450 VCE, LPI LPIC-2 201 PDFThe purpose of this Sample Question Set is to provide you with information about the LPI Linux Engineer - 201 exam. These sample questions will make you very familiar with both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the 201-450 certification test. To get familiar with real exam environment, we suggest you try our Sample LPI LPIC-2 Certification Practice Exam. This sample practice exam gives you the feeling of reality and is a clue to the questions asked in the actual LPIC-2 Linux Engineer certification exam.

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LPI 201-450 Sample Questions:

01. What component of a system does smartd monitor?
a) Ethernet traffic
b) Hard drives
c) RAM
d) CPU
02. A machine is running in single user mode and, as such, not all file-systems are accessible. What command must be run to make all of the other file-systems listed in /etc/fstab accessible?
a) mount --all
b) mountfs --all
c) mountfs -a
d) mount -a
03. When checking an ext4 filesystem with fsck, which option can be used to display progress indicators?
a) -p
b) -f
c) -C
d) -d
04. How would you run named inside a chroot jail as user nobody and group nogroup?
a) Add "user nobody; group nogroup; chroot /var/named/root" to named.conf
b) named runs as nobody/nogroup by default, so just invoke it as "name --chroot /var/named/root"
c) Use /usr/bin/chroot after running "chown nobody.nogroup named"
d) Invoke named as "named -t /var/named/root -u nobody"
05. After unpacking source code, what file is used by configure to create a final Makefile?
a) configure.in
b) configure.ac
c) Makefile.in
d) Makefile.tmpl
06. How can the label root be added to the ext4 filesystem on /dev/sda1?
a) relabel /dev/sda1 root
b) tune2fs -L root /dev/sda1
c) echo 'root' > /proc/fs/sda1/label
d) labelfs --device /dev/sda1 root
07. Which target for the kernel is used to provide a minimal kernel config?
a) minconfig
b) min
c) tinyconfig
d) configsmall
08. What is a key difference between a zImage and bzImage kernel image?
a) zImage is compressed using gzip, bzImage is compressed using bzip2.
b) zImage is for 2.6 series kernels, bzImage is for 3.x series kernels.
c) zImage is limited to 64k, bzImage has no such restriction.
d) zImage gets loaded completely into low memory. bzImage will load into high memory once low memory is full.
09. What option in the collectd configuration file is required in order to define what to start monitoring?
a) LoadPlugin
b) Plugin
c) Module
d) LoadModule
10. An administrator has placed an executable in the directory /etc/init.d, however it is not being executed when the system boots into runlevel 2. What is the most likely cause of this?
a) The script has not been declared in /etc/services
b) runlevel 2 is not declared in /etc/inittab
c) The script has the permissions 700 and is owned by root
d) A corresponding link was not created in /etc/rc2.d


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: d
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: d

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