IBM Sametime Administration Exam Syllabus

Sametime Administration PDF, C2040-413 Dumps, C2040-413 PDF, Sametime Administration VCE, C2040-413 Questions PDF, IBM C2040-413 VCEUse this quick start guide to collect all the information about IBM Sametime Administration (C2040-413) Certification exam. This study guide provides a list of objectives and resources that will help you prepare for items on the C2040-413 IBM Sametime 9.0 Administration exam. The Sample Questions will help you identify the type and difficulty level of the questions and the Practice Exams will make you familiar with the format and environment of an exam. You should refer this guide carefully before attempting your actual IBM Sametime Administration certification exam.

The IBM Sametime Administration certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in IBM Collaboration Solutions and Social Business - IBM Sametime domain. The IBM Certified System Administrator - Sametime 9.0 exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of IBM Sametime Administration.

IBM Sametime Administration Exam Summary:

Exam Name IBM Certified System Administrator - Sametime 9.0
Exam Code C2040-413
Exam Price $200 (USD)
Duration 105 mins
Number of Questions 78
Passing Score 66%
Books / Training IBM Sametime Wiki
IBM Sametime 9 Complete Basic features Installation From Zero to Hero
Schedule Exam Pearson VUE
Sample Questions IBM Sametime Administration Sample Questions
Practice Exam IBM C2040-413 Certification Practice Exam

IBM C2040-413 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details
Architecture - Understand the different IBM Sametime components
- Understand IBM WebSphere concepts
- Explain when a primary node should be utilized over a secondary node
- Determine when to add an IBM WebSphere Proxy into the Deployment Manager
- Understand how to implement single sign-on
- Understand IPv6 support
- Understand LDAP attributes and objects
- Understand HADR
- Understand networking on the server's operating system
- Understand A/V Deployment Planning
- Understand the benefits of clustering A/V servers
- Understand the IBM Sametime Gateway architecture
- Understanding the requirements of the IBM Sametime Proxy Server
- Understand the basic concepts of IBM Sametime Unified Telephony
- Define ports used for IBM Sametime
- Knowledge of IBM Sametime Community Server ports
Audio/Video - Configure IBM Sametime policy for client A/V
- Configure bandwidth controls for A/V
- Cluster Media Components
- Deploy Sametime Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)
- Understand how to configure SIP Trunk
- Understand how to configure dial plan rules
Deployment - Understand IBM DB2 deployment for IBM Sametime
- Configure IBM DB2 for IBM Sametime
- Configure the IBM Sametime user directory (IBM Domino or LDAP Directories)
- Configure deployment plans
- Prepare the IBM Domino server for IBM Sametime Community Server installation
- Install and configure IBM Domino, including IBM Domino clustering
- Install IBM Sametime server components
- Configure IBM WebSphere Application Server host information for WebSphere Application Servers
- Understand manual registration/un-registration
- Implementing TLS/SSL security
- Import/Export IBM WebSphere LTPAToken
- Configure IBM Sametime integration with IBM Connections
- Understanding AV signaling protocol supported by the IBM Sametime client
- Understand the TURN Server
- Deploy a IBM Sametime Gateway high-availability configuration
- Configure IBM Connections integration point
- Implementing managed preferences
- Federate new external communities
- Deploying IBM Sametime clients
- Enable plug-in usage for IBM Sametime clients
Maintenance - Maintaining IBM Sametime databases
- Managing Policies for IBM Sametime clients
- Manage client updates
- Managing IBM Sametime Meeting environment
- Manage client features
- Manage contact/buddy lists
- Backup and restore the IBM Sametime environment
- Monitor the number of active users logged into a Community
- Perform a name conversion and change (domain/org name, hostname for community, person's name/DN)
- Apply IBM Sametime, IBM Domino, IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM DB2 fixpacks
- Backup and restore IBM Websphere Application Server configuration
- Understand IBM WebSphere File Path navigation
- Understand IBM WebSphere ISC navigation
- Monitor JVM performance
- Monitor connectivity between server components
- Managing IBM Sametime clients and users
- Start/Stop the IBM Sametime server
Performance Monitoring and Tuning - Tune the IBM Sametime Community Server
- Tune the IBM Sametime Media Manager
- Tune the IBM Sametime Bandwidth Manager
- Tune the IBM WebSphere Proxy Server
- Tune the IBM Sametime Gateway Server
- Set the thread pool and the Java virtual machine (JVM) garbage collection policy
- Fine tune the SIP proxy service settings and modify the data replication services on a cluster
Troubleshooting - Clean up a failed installation
- Enable LDAP debug parameters
- Enable logging for IBM Sametime Meetings
- Enable logging for the IBM Sametime Proxy (including mobile)
- Enable logging for A/V
- Understand how to read the IBM Sametime Meeting logs
- Understand how to read the IBM Sametime Proxy logs
- Understand how to read the A/V logs
- Understand how to read the Community Server logs
- Clean up a corrupted contact list
- Enable debug on the Community Server
- Use the Sametime Configuration Validator

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