IBM InfoSphere DataStage (C2090-424) Certification Sample Questions

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IBM C2090-424 Sample Questions:

01. How do you create a shared table definition from the DataStage client?
a) Use the save button on the columns tab of the stage editor
b) Use the shared table creation wizard from the repository window
c) Do nothing. They are created automatically when table definitions are imported
d) It cannot be done within the DataStage client. Use the InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager (IMAM) utility instead.
02. Which statement about restartable sequence jobs is TRUE?
a) If a restartable sequence aborts, it can be restarted from Director.
b) Choosing "Reset job" from Director will start the job where it left off.
c) Checkpoints are always added to every eligible Job Activity stage in the sequence.
d) There is no way to force a Job Activity stage to return if the sequence got beyond it.
03. You want to retain the record with the largest value in the TotalAmount column for each CustID and ProductType using a Remove Duplicates stage. How can this be accomplished?
a) Hash partition onTotalAmount. Sort on CustID, ProductType and TotalAmount
b) Hash partition on ProductType. Sort on CustID, ProductType and TotalAmount
c) Hash partition on CustID and ProductType. Sort on CustID, ProductType and TotalAmount
d) Hash partition on CustID, ProductType and TotalAmount. Sort on CustID, ProductType and TotalAmount
04. Record Count property is set to zero in Connector stage. How many rows are written out?
a) All Rows
b) One Row
c) Zero Rows
d) 2000 Rows
05. Which is NOT a valid native operator for OSH?
a) Sort
b) Copy
c) Import
d) Generator
06. A Parameter Set is a named object that can contain which of the following?
a) Multiple parameters and only one value file
b) Only one parameter and only one value file
c) Multiple parameters and multiple value files
d) Only one parameter and multiple value files
07. Which stages will require a schema file when runtime column propagation (RCP) is enabled? (Choose two.)
a) Data Set
b) Column Import
c) Internal Source
d) External Target
e) Make Subrecord
08. Which of the following actions are available when editing a message handler?
a) Abort Job
b) Demote to warning
c) Promote to warning
d) Promote to informational
09. Assume you have before and after data sets and want to identify and process all of the changes between the two data sets. Assuming data is properly partitioned and sorted, which of the following should be used?
a) Change Capture
b) Change Apply
c) Difference
d) Change Capture and Change Apply
10. To run multiple copies of the same job within Director, which of the following must be supplied?
a) Job name
b) Invocation ID
c) Parameter values
d) Username and password


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: b, d
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: c

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