IBM FileNet Content Manager (C2070-981) Certification Sample Questions

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IBM C2070-981 Sample Questions:

01. An administrator is planning the installation of an IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2 system and is reviewing database requirements. Which one of the following is true?
a) It is required that there is a separate database for each object store.
b) It is required that there is a separate data source for each object store.
c) It can be configured to use the same data source for multiple object stores.
d) It is required that the database user has full dba rights on the object store database.
02. Which of the following content operations is NOT possible for the document content within an online storage area?
a) Copy
b) Delete
c) Create
d) Append
03. A company has purchased an IBM FileNet Content Manager system to use as their enterprise content management repository. The system administrator is engaged in the planning phase of the FileNet Content Manager installation.
How does the Content Platform Engine leverage directory service providers for authentication?
a) Content Platform Engine uses the Java EE application server’s directory service providers for authentication.
b) Content Platform Engine implements its own authentication module and connects directly to a directory service provider.
c) Content Platform Engine uses FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) to connect to the directory service provider for authentication.
d) Content Engine connects directly to the directory service provider for authentication and Process Engine leverages the Content Engine for its authentication.
04. While executing the Configure LDAP Task in the Configuration Manager tool, the specialist will test the connection. If the test connection fails, which two would the specialist troubleshoot?
a) Verify the JDBC datasource.
b) Verify the LDAP port number.
c) Verify your current active registry is set.
d) Verify the fully qualified distinguished name.
e) Verify the Federated Repository has been created. 
05. A Content Platform Engine is reporting authentication errors in the trace logs. What should the system administrator first be concerned with?
a) Single Sign On (SSO)
b) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
c) Web Service Extensible Authentication Framework
d) The Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
06. An IBM FileNet P8 system administrator needs to plan what user and group accounts will be used during installation and configuration of the FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine (CPE).
Which two of these statements is true about the cpe_bootstrap_admin account?
a) The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is a Directory Service account.
b) The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is an operating system account.
c) CPE will not be able to start if the cpe_bootstrap_admin user cannot authenticate.
d) The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is able to create, modify, and delete CPE domain resources.
e) The cpe_bootstrap_admin account is used by the configuration manager tool to connect to the application server.
07. How many database storage areas are allowed per object store?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 10
d) Unlimited
08. A company plans to implement the out-of-the-box workflows provided with IBM FileNet Content Manager. The system administrator needs to configure this functionality In order to accomplish this, a workflow system needs to be configured.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a workflow system?
a) A workflow system is a collection of isolated regions.
b) A workflow system is another name for an isolated region.
c) A workflow system is edited using Process Task Manager.
d) A workflow system is created using Process Configuration Console.
09. A developer is creating entry templates to make it easy to add documents, folders, and custom objects to an object store. Document entry templates allow the designer to force values for which of the following items?
a) Location, class, properties, and security
b) Class, properties, security, but not location
c) Location, class, properties, but not security
d) Location, class, security, but not properties 
10. Which two of the following resource statuses can an offline storage area have?
a) Full
b) Locked
c) Standby
d) Disabled
e) Reserved


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: b, d
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: a, c
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: a, c

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