Dell Technologies Cloud Services Design (D-CS-DS-23) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell Technologies D-CS-DS-23 Sample Questions:

01. Why should you develop and assess Service Level Agreements (SLAs) when creating service proposals?
a) They are the primary vehicle for defining and maintaining governance for services
b) They allow a company to focus on critical services in order to minimize any penalties
c) SLAs are contractually binding minimums for the delivery of cloud services
d) Strict agreements ensure better performance and application availability
02. An IT organization is preparing to offer cloud services as part of adopting an ITaaS model. What is a cultural challenge that IT has to overcome in order to be successful?
a) Ensure that all IT staff are conscious of costs
b) Be organizationally agile to quickly meet market and line of business demands
c) Improve vendor communications
d) Enable good communications within each of the siloed domains
03. What is a big inhibitor to risk management in cloud environments?
a) Asset valuation
b) Multi tenancy
c) Perceived risk
d) Data availability
04. An IT organization is transitioning to cloud services to support an ITaaS model. The CIO has informed their directors that IT must compete with offerings from cloud providers.
What strategic goal does this directive support?
a) Transition to a cost center
b) Manage IT like a business
c) Provide additional siloed service
d) Enable custom services
05. You are in charge of developing the monitoring system for a cloud-based application. What should network measurement provide for all cloud services?
a) Service correlation
b) Degraded status control
c) Bandwidth usage consolidation
d) Early problem correction
06. An IT organization that is offering cloud services wishes to track the financial performance of each service. What is the best way for them to do this?
a) Establish cost centers for each service portfolio and track them as a profit and loss center
b) Aggregate all the billing data for services and track the revenue for each service over time
c) Establish a cost center for each service and track profitability
d) Aggregate all the cost investment data for services and track the cost for each service over time
07. An organization wishes to more efficiently produce services by adopting a DevOps culture. What transformation must occur to support this adoption?
a) Co-locate staff from various departments
b) Distribute processes and methods from various departments
c) Unify management from various departments
d) Automate manual processes
08. In addition to the policies, what other information do you need to create a standardized service offering?
a) Template, orchestration, and rules
b) Rules, template, and constraints
c) Limits, rules, and constraints
d) Constraints, rules, and orchestration
09. A company plans to offer Document Management (DM), Database (DB), and Human Resources (HR) services. According to NIST, which service categories correspond with these offerings?
a) DM: PaaS; DB: PaaS; HR: PaaS
b) DM: PaaS; DB: IaaS; HR: PaaS
c) DM: SaaS; DB: PaaS; HR: SaaS
d) DM: SaaS; DB: IaaS; HR: SaaS
10. The IT manager desperately wishes to run Chaos Monkey testing through the company's brand new Web Scale application platform. You have been tasked with finding a valid reason.
What infrastructure attribute can the test be justified on?
a) Checking operational efficiency
b) Evaluating the data center infrastructure
c) Judging service level agreements
d) Verifying rapid mobility of workloads


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: c
Question: 10
Answer: c

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