Dell Technologies Avamar Operate (D-AV-OE-23) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell Technologies D-AV-OE-23 Sample Questions:

01. What is the default level of encryption for client/server network communications in a Dell EMC Avamar server?
a) None
b) Medium
c) High
d) Low
02. An organization has multiple Dell EMC Avamar servers, the administrator wants to manage and monitor all Avamar servers using a centralized console.
Which Avamar tool facilitates the requirement?
a) Avamar Configuration Checker
b) Multiple System Management
c) Avamar Administration Console
d) Data Protection Advisor
03. Which method of data deduplication is used by Dell EMC Avamar to determine segment size?
a) Fixed length deduplication
b) File level deduplication
c) Fixed block deduplication
d) Variable block level deduplication
04. Based on Dell EMC best practices, what is recommended when creating Dell EMC Avamar schedules?
a) Use a single schedule where possible
b) Use the override daily schedule for important backups
c) Use a different schedule for each group
d) Set a 14-hour maximum for backup duration
05. A Dell EMC Avamar administrator regularly runs an on-demand checkpoint at 7:30 AM each day. What is the impact of performing this activity?
a) Maintenance scheduler is temporarily disabled
b) Backup window is automatically modified
c) Any running backups are cancelled
d) Checkpoints will no longer be created by the server
06. What are the pre-configured user accounts in Dell EMC Avamar?
a) MCUser, backuponly, administrator, restoreonly, and repluser
b) MCUser, backupuser, backuprestore, restoreuser, and repluser
c) MCUser, backupuser, administrator, restoreuser, and repluser
d) MCUser, backuponly, backuprestore, restoreonly, and repluser
07. When using LDAP for Active Directory to access the Dell EMC Avamar Administrator, where are the user passwords maintained?
a) Utility node /usr/local/avamar/etc
b) Active Directory server
c) SSH known_hosts file on the utility node
d) Utility node OS /etc/passwd file
08. What happens when the OS capacity of a Dell EMC Avamar server reaches 85%?
a) Avamar server enters read-only mode
b) All the maintenance tasks does not run
c) Garbage collection does not run
d) Checkpoint does not run
09. A new Dell EMC Avamar server has been installed at a company’s site. When creating a new backup window, the storage administrator encounters conflicts with the maintenance window. What is the default maintenance window?
a) 8 AM - 6 PM
b) 8 AM - 8 PM
c) 8 PM - 6 AM
d) 9 PM - 6 AM
10. Which operation can start while garbage collection is running on a Dell EMC Avamar server?
a) Full HFS check
b) Rolling HFS check
c) Backups
d) Manually started checkpoint


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: c

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