Dell EMC Cloud Infrastructure Specialist (DES-2T13) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell EMC DES-2T13 Sample Questions:

01. During an assessment for an organization's cloud design, a cloud architect discovers that developers will be creating applications that will self-scale based on an internal trigger.
The architect has included cloud management platform components in the design that will support this requirement. To meet this requirement, what else should the cloud architect consider?
a) Component APIs must be placed on an isolated network
b) Components will require a firewall to restrict API access to only the deployed applications
c) Component APIs must be accessible from the applications
d) A super-user account must be shared with developers that can access the component APIs
02. When collecting log information from cloud management platform (CMP) components, for which cloud feature is data isolation a specific concern?
a) Multi-tenancy
b) Provider metering and billing reports
c) Logging infrastructure events versus CMP events
d) Consumption of hybrid cloud SaaS
03. A cloud design contains multiple hosts that are running a hypervisor. Each host has only two physical 10Gb network adapters. Each host will support numerous virtual machines that will be connected to any of the 40 VLANs that are defined in the physical infrastructure.
These virtual machines will communicate with other virtual machines on the same VLAN. How must the access layer switch ports be configured for each host?
a) Using MLAG
b) With jumbo frames
c) As access ports
d) As trunk ports
04. What are some common inter-cloud connectivity methods for linking layer-2 network segments in hybrid cloud deployments?
a) IPsec VPN and direct-connect
b) Direct-connect and VXLAN
c) SSL VPN and IPsec VPN
05. An architect is designing a cloud. The architect wants to provide static and dedicated resources to the management applications without affecting the efficiency of consumer resource sharing. How can this be accomplished in the cloud design?
a) Add additional CPU and memory to the consumer resource infrastructure
b) Place the cloud management platform components on infrequently used consumer resource infrastructures
c) Place the cloud management platform components on separate infrastructures
d) Add additional load balancers for cloud management platform components
06. To which infrastructure resources and cloud services are a consumer-accessible SDN solution likely to need controlled access?
a) Hypervisors, SDN service API, and CMDB
b) SDN service API, CMDB, and physical and virtual switches
c) Physical and virtual switches, hypervisors, and SDN service API
d) CMDB, physical and virtual switches, and hypervisors
07. An organization wants to deploy virtual machines from a service catalog. These virtual machines have software and libraries installed that are used to develop applications.
Each virtual machine will be configured with the same IP address and receive OS patches from the Internet. What will be included in the design to support these capabilities?
a) VSANs and a physical firewall
b) VLANs and network QoS
c) VXLANs and OS encryption
d) VLANs and virtual firewall appliances
08. Which characteristics of open source cloud management components might lead a cloud architect to select open source over proprietary software?
a) Lower software costs, integration with open cloud platforms, and availability of in-house development expertise
b) Compatibility testing to ensure functionality, availability of an API, and advanced out-of-the-box capabilities
c) Availability of in-house development expertise, interoperability with proprietary software, and compatibility testing to ensure functionality
d) Availability of an API, integration with open cloud platforms, and full IaaS support
09. You are creating a cloud infrastructure design for an organization. The cloud design includes physical servers with hypervisors which will be used to host consumer services. The hosts are managed through a hypervisor element manager. Which step should be taken to secure the hypervisor environment?
a) Create and secure privileged element manager accounts for use by consumer services
b) Provide a secure PKI for consumers to access the element manager
c) Create and secure privileged element manager accounts for use by CMP components
d) Provide a secure PKI for consumers to access each hypervisor
10. A cloud architect is designing a hybrid cloud for an organization. A requirement for this environment is for federated access to both cloud provisioning APIs. What must be configured between both cloud providers' authentication mechanisms?
a) Shared super-user account
b) Trust relationship
c) Identical accounts
d) IPsec VPN


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: c
Question: 10
Answer: b

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