Pro Tips to Crack AVIXA CTS Exam

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With a dedication to encouraging the growing AV workforce with accessible resources, the Audiovisual Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) offers AVIXA CTS certification.

The AVIXA CTS certification is a globally acknowledged title. It is granted to AV professionals who have proven knowledge of the science and technology utilized in communications, along with audio, video, systems, and display. AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist certification holder carries out common technology solution works by creating, functioning, and maintaining AV solutions and managing AV management operations that offer the best AV resolutions for the client's requirements, both timely and within budget.

The AVIXA CTS certification is the leading AV professional certification across the world. The certification approved under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) corresponds to an open, proven, and distinct set of AV industry standards. For sim techs, an AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist certification demonstrates a dedication to offering the utmost level of service in all facets of healthcare simulation, comprising AV. With a CTS exam, modeling professionals can:

  • Create, operate, and service AV solutions.
  • Carry out AV management operations for simulation centers while remaining on time and within budget.
  • Perceive how to review AV issues and requirements with other AV professionals, such as installers and coordinators.
  • Moreover, their professional development and broadening their skill set.
  • Healthcare simulation centers that hire CTS-certified sim techs relish the consolation that their staff members are multi-disciplinary professionals who are also knowledgeable about industry standards of ethics and conduct.

Essential Information of AVIXA CTS Exam

  • Exam Name: AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)

  • Exam Code: CTS

  • Member Exam Price: $375 (USD)

  • Non-Member Exam Price: $475 (USD)

  • Duration: 150 mins

  • Number of Questions: 110

  • Passing Score: 350 / 500

Proven Tips and Tricks to Prepare for the AVIXA CTS Exam

If you want to pass your AVIXA CTS exam, the most significant thing you do would be preparation. Here are some proven tips and tricks you can utilize to prepare for your exam:

1. Fix the Goal

The initial step is to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. In such a case, your primary goal would be to crack the AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist exam. But it is a pretty indefinite goal, so you must make things more precise. And this can be done by splitting up your goal into smaller portions, such as completing the training course, reading over the study guide, participating in an online community, and performing the AVIXA CTS practice exam.

2. Make an Effective Study Plan

The following step in AVIXA CTS exam preparation will be to make a realistic and effective study plan. Without a proper study plan, you won't be able to keep track of time, and you might end up having to cram everything in one night. So, what should a typical study plan consist of? A study schedule must comprise the following:

  • A checklist of your goals.

  • A set of activities you have to do to accomplish your goals.

  • A proper plan.

3. Learn the AVIXA CTS Syllabus Topics

Understanding AVIXA CTS syllabus topics will explain what you require to study to crack the exam with flying scores. So, having a complete idea about the exam syllabus topics will help you concentrate on the significant areas for success.

4. Enroll in a Training Course

Taking up training courses is a basic step most exam-takers would take. It will ensure you go through the complete syllabus without overlooking any AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist exam topics. The training course is the most convenient learning tool you will ever come across.

5. Attempt AVIXA CTS Practice Exam

Practice exams are popular presently. This is because many applicants have become successful by utilizing them. But before attempting the AVIXA CTS practice exam, you need to ensure that you attempt them from a trusted website because there are plenty of fraud websites out there. They can lead to failure and waste money. Edusum is a trustworthy website that provides practice exams for many IT certifications along with AVIXA CTS practice exams. Edusum website simulates an actual exam environment. This tool will help you become familiar with the exam set up so that you won't become too flustered when facing the test.

Is AVIXA CTS Certification Worth It?

AVIXA CTS certification is highly regarded in the Audiovisual Industry. They are worth the investment as you can position yourself as a professional in the AV industry, earn credibility among colleagues, and significantly place your career in AV on the fast track to promotion.

If you are interested in AV and see yourself working in the field for the long term, then yes, the AVIXA CTS certification is worth it.


By utilizing these exam preparation tips and tricks, you'll allow yourself to achieve the best outcomes in your AVIXA CTS exam. Dive deeper into the exam using training courses and CTS practice exam. And when you have a good exam study plan, mastering all the syllabus topics with these resources would be more straightforward. Gaining AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist certification is a matter of organizing yourself through the preparation process. All the Best!

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