How Important Is the CEH Certification for a Career in Cybersecurity

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We all need cyber-security because cyber-attacks and cybercrimes are growing by each passing day. Ethical hacking is also a vital part of cyber-security. Hackers are outrageous for ruining and utilizing infrastructures like network devices, hardware, and application software. But certified ethical hackers carry out the same work but legally and lawfully to better the organizations and industries. The ethical hackers produce valuable purposes and search and identify the system's vulnerabilities and do the requisite to defend it from devastating hackers. The certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification is an ethical hacking course that helps one become a professional who consistently verifies and determines the weak points in network infrastructures with the respective owner's consent.

What is CEH Certification?

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, awarded by EC-Council, confirms your understanding in bypassing an organization's security defenses by accessing their databases, network, applications, and other important data with gaps in the security construct.

It measures your skills in finding vulnerabilities that can be exploited by spiteful hackers. A CEH certification qualifies you to correspond a black hat hacker's methods and imagination while arming you with a thorough knowledge of hacking tools, germinate attack vectors, and interference responses.

Certified ethical hackers acquire approval from the asset owners before scrutinizing it for vulnerabilities and assure that the results stand private. The journey of becoming a certified ethical hacker starts with passing the CEH exam. Once you pass this written exam, you can opt to take the CEH practical, a six-hour practical exam. When a CEH certified and cleared the CEH practical, they are acknowledged as a CEH Master.

Certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification makes one informed and knowledgeable in the cyber-security field. One requires to have an adequate understanding of cyber-security and the utilization of different tools and methods. In ethical hacking, one requires to have appropriate knowledge about the field. In this field, one must be upgraded with the new and latest version of technology, methods, and tools.

Why You Need a CEH Certification?

A CEH certification assists penetration testers receive their dream jobs by confirming their skill set corresponds to industry standards. Here are a few reasons that describe the need to earn CEH certification.

1. Makes You a Complete Fit for the Job

While programming a career in cybersecurity, a Certified Ethical Hacker certification confirms your skills as a penetration tester and assures that they align with the industry-approved standards. As an ethical hacker, the outcomes you provide or the vulnerabilities you discover are locked up within a private shell. In such a situation, demonstrating your skillset and partition for a job gets difficult.

You have to be cautious while revealing the information to a hiring manager, while you might not wish to risk any legal agreement with your foregoing organization. A CEH certification helps you set up a standard for your skill as an ethical hacker and proves you as a genuine applicant for different cybersecurity job profiles.

2. Accomplish Your Salary Expectations

Certified professionals are straightforward to onboard in an industry, as the requirement of training is minimum. Organizations in cybersecurity favor an applicant with thorough knowledge in the field, which shows a certified ethical hacker to many opportunities at a significant salary.

$89,469 is the median salary of a professional having a CEH certification, which you can scale beyond $128,000 with experience and other applicable certifications and skills.

3. Satisfies DOD Requirements

If you are prone to receiving a job in the Department of Defence (DoD), the CEH certification will be a stepping stone for it. The DoD demands all of its Information Assurance Officers be certified before managing sensitive information and network security.

4. Maps to the Industry Structures

The CEH exam syllabus for achieving a CEH certification maps to industry frameworks like NICE/NIST, issued by the Department of Homeland Security alongside the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

It assists you in advancing your career as a federal employee, as CEH descends perfectly under the NICE 2.0 framework's Specialty Areas – Protects and Defend (PR) and Analyze (AN) and Securely Provision (SP).

5. Improves Your Job Security

With cybercrime growing at an immense pace, the requirement for qualified cybersecurity professionals is constantly evolving.

Spending on cybersecurity resources is merely profitable, as the median price to straighten after being hacked is $690,000 for small businesses and more than $1 million for a medium-scale business.

An industry-approved certification will help you demonstrate your proficiencies as a skilled IT security professional in this increasing demand and guarantee your job.

Benefits of CEH Certification

  • Step forward the security career of an individual. If one can stand workload and then CEH certification is appropriate for the individual. One receives all the information about cyber-security and masters the use of tools and methods.

  • Enhances the understanding of risks and vulnerabilities. Cyber-criminal attacks in many means and put to wrong use the possible vulnerabilities. But by studying for the CEH exam, one can develop and improve knowledge about risks and security.

  • Raise the salary of an individual. A person's salary in an organization rises when he has certified ethical hacker certification (CEH). It serves to improve job security too.

  • As a certified ethical hacker certification (CEH) certification makes one a master in cyber-security, the professional is especially valuable in every organization where security is important. So, professionals in this area are greatly needed in an organization:

  • Safeguard systems and secure data and other information

  • Prevent destruction and other hacking threats

  • Regulate network testing

  • Create and provide security awareness

How to Study for the CEH Certification Exam?

If you've determined that you want to evaluate your experience and nail the CEH exam by self-study, here's what you can do to ease your preparation.

Based on how early you plan to take the CEH exam, develop a study plan consequently. Evade spending a great deal of time on one topic; make sure that you commit the needed time to all topics appertaining to your strong and weak areas.

You can also go through the CEH syllabus to review the weightage of various topics and line up in your preparation plan as well.

While studying the topics referred to above, ensure you develop knowledge from a real-world perspective. You can build a virtual lab environment at your own place and employ it to practice the hacking tools and techniques studied.

Start taking the CEH practice exam to make out the areas you need to strengthen as per the CEH norms. It's recommended to get the former training and improve your understanding of actual examples and experiences.

You can also participate in an online community or forum to discuss your confusion and learn from others' mistakes. It's beneficial if you study for the exam all by yourself. The decision of self-studying is a brave one, as the CEH exam fee is $950.

The best strategy would be to enroll in official training and take the CEH practice exam to tackle the CEH exam questions with ease.

So, that is primarily the outline of preparing for the CEH exam. There has never been a better time to become a certified ethical hacker, and if you want to make the most of this career wave, you better start now!

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