EC-Council CEH (312-50) Certification Sample Questions

CEH Dumps, 312-50 Dumps, 312-50 PDF, CEH VCE, EC-Council 312-50 VCE, EC-Council CEH v12 PDFThe purpose of this Sample Question Set is to provide you with information about the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam. These sample questions will make you very familiar with both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the 312-50 certification test. To get familiar with real exam environment, we suggest you try our Sample EC-Council CEH Certification Practice Exam. This sample practice exam gives you the feeling of reality and is a clue to the questions asked in the actual EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification exam.

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EC-Council 312-50 Sample Questions:

01. Which of these devices would not be considered part of the Internet of Things?
a) Smartphone
b) Thermostat
c) Light bulb
d) Set-top cable box
02. What order, from bottom to top, does the TCP/IP architecture use?
a) Network Access, Network, Transport, Application
b) Link, Internet, Transport, Application
c) Physical, Network, Session, Application
d) Data Link, Internet, Transport, Application
03. What piece of software could you use to recover from a ransomware attack?
a) Decryptor
b) Encryptor
c) Anti-malware
d) Endpoint detection and response
04. Why is it important to store system logs remotely?
a) Local systems can't handle it.
b) Bandwidth is faster than disks.
c) Attackers might delete local logs.
d) It will defend against attacks.
05. If you wanted a lightweight protocol to send real-time data over, which of these would you use?
a) TCP
d) UDP
06. An intrusion detection system can perform which of the following functions?
a) Block traffic
b) Filter traffic based on headers
c) Generate alerts on traffic
d) Log system messages
07. You see the following text written down—port:502. What does that likely reference?
a) Shodan search
b) I/O search
c) p0f results
d) RIR query
08. How would you ensure that confidentiality is implemented in an organization?
a) Watchdog processes
b) Encryption
c) Cryptographic hashes
d) Web servers
09. You've installed multiple files and processes on the compromised system. What should you also look at installing?
a) Registry keys
b) Alternate data streams
c) Root login
d) Rootkit
10. The DNS server where records for a domain belonging to an organization or enterprise reside is called the ____________ server.
a) Authoritative
b) Recursive
c) Caching
d) Local


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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