How To Get Through The ISC2 CISSP Exam In First Attempt?

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In a rapidly growing IT field, IT professionals often find themselves plagued by the latest and greatest cybersecurity threats. Many professionals prefer to pursue the Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP certification to stay up with the latest developments.

ISC2 CISSP certification is a multistep, multiyear procedure when the education and experience factors are considered. This is one of the prime reasons why the designation is so greatly regarded across the world of cybersecurity. The CISSP exam preparation, which can require many hours of study and review, is possibly less time-consuming when the other needs are considered.

Those determined to sit for the exam should own substantial experience in the working world of cybersecurity and relevant education. Particularly, all exam-takers must have five years of paid, full-time employment in appropriate positions that emphasize at least two, if not more, of the eight cybersecurity and related domains covered in the CISSP common body of knowledge.

The CISSP Eight Domains are:

  1. Asset security

  2. Communication and network security

  3. Identity and access management

  4. Security assessment and testing

  5. Security engineering

  6. Security operations

  7. Security and risk management

  8. Software development security

Benefits of CISSP Certification

  • The CISSP certification is an infinite certificate and is one of the most coveted certifications in information security—a majority of the organization's lookout for top CISSP certified professionals. Prime significance is affiliated with these certifications in an individual's profession.

  • The average CISSP certifications-based salary is between $72,000 and $164,000.

  • Preparing for the CISSP exam and passing it will help you perceive all relative information of cybersecurity on the whole.

  • The CISSP exam is tough to pass and achieve. It indicates to the industry that you are a professional with effectiveness and experienced working in the cybersecurity leadership team of an organization.

The CISSP certification exam is tough. Although its failure rate has not been published openly, it is well above 50%. The syllabus of the CISSP certification exam is an information technology and security. These are two very comprehensive and also unclear fields that are tough to grasp and extremely technical. Thus one can moderately expect the CISSP exam to be very exacting and difficult.

So it is only natural that many CISSP candidates are worried about how to pass the CISSP exam. Considering this, here is a list of tips to help them do so.

Tips To Get Through The ISC2 CISSP Exam In First Attempt

1. Don't Try to Cram the Study Materials

This is an essential tip to pass the CISSP exam. Many applicants try to cram the exam material. They try to study all the information with the approach of rote learning. This is a huge mistake as it has been confirmed technically that rote learning or cramming is not a powerful way to learn the concepts. It also keeps the applicants from understanding the concepts at a base level—many of the topics that the CISSP exam demands extensive study and practice, including many practical components. Solely trying to learn them by heart will lead to the applicant performing badly on the real exam. To study the topics holistically, one should enroll in online training.

2.Make a Study Plan After Studying the CISSP Syllabus

Many applicants try to prepare for the CISSP exam by studying each topic on the syllabus one by one in a series. This is again not a reliable way for exam preparation. There are many different topics in different information domains, and they do not hold the same weightage in the exam. There are more questions asked from some of the information domains compared with others in the exam. Also, an applicant may hold prior experience and knowledge in some of the information domains and should try to master those domains and make them his strong spots. So an applicant should make a thorough study plan that considers the separate weightage of CISSP domains and his work experience and knowledge.

3. Try to Figure Out the Pitfalls of the Test Makers

Even if an applicant has spent many months studying for the CISSP exam, they are sure to come across the questions which they are unknown with on the exam. This is because of the substance of cybersecurity. It is a huge field, and new developments, breakthroughs, and innovations are consistently taking place in it. It is easily not possible for anyone to perceive all the content of the field completely. So rather than trying to answer each CISSP exam question, an applicant must find out to detect which questions are beyond his knowledge or skill. Besides this, many questions will have similar answers which seem right. The applicant should use the method of elimination and other multiple-choice question tips to get the right answer among those.

4. Try to Acquire Essential Experience While Taking the CISSP Exam

The CISSP syllabus is composed of 8 knowledge domains. This makes the exam questions very challenging to anticipate. This is because they can derive from any of the eight knowledge domains, and the applicant is stuck with a brief warning as to what the questions will involve. Though they are generally likely to be real-world scenario-based questions, there can also be technical questions that ask for definite chunks of information in the exam. Not all of them are carried out utilizing the official CISSP study guide. Thus an applicant should not expect that they can transfer the strength of their learned knowledge only. They will have to bring into play their breadth of experience as software developers, Network security managers, Information security managers, or something similar for answering the exam questions correctly.

5. Perform as Many Cissp Practice Tests as Possible

An applicant may be led to think that a preparation plan of just studying the official CISSP study guide and revising the study materials well enough, but it is not the case. They might obtain a lot of bookish knowledge in this way, but when they appear for the real exam, they will identify that their pace of answering the questions is too sluggish. Even if they have studied rigorously for the exam and know the answers to most of the questions, it will not help them much if they cannot even reach the questions before the time of the exam runs. Therefore just as significant as studying the study material is to take up as many CISSP practice tests as possible. This will give the applicant substantial confidence in their skills as an exam-taker. They will be prone to the various kinds of questions asked in the exam and will be able to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern. is the best platform to take up CISSP practice tests online.

6. Actively Participate in a Study Group or Online Communities

What applicants usually do is this – they buy many study material for the CISSP exam preparation, and they make a preparation strategy to include all the study materials they hold. They spend many months for exam preparation and then take the exam. When they take the exam, they figure out that they cannot answer many of the questions and that their preparation was unfortunately insufficient. Often they do not perform well even in the knowledge domains in which they thought they are experts. This happens because while studying for the CISSP exam, they never interact with another applicant in the same position as them. So they never uncovered the topics they were weak in or the flaws in their preparation strategy.

So, these are some tips through which you could pass the CISSP exam on the first attempt. Good luck on your journey to achieving the ISC2 CISSP certification!

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