Everything You Need to Know About CCSP Certification

The CCSP is a global certification that represents the highest standard for cloud security expertise. It was co-created by (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), leading stewards for information security and cloud computing security.

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The CCSP is an international certification that signifies the highest standard for cloud security expertise. It was co-created by (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance — leading administrators for information security and cloud computing security.

Furthermore, unlike many other designations and certificates, earning the CCSP certification proves that the individual has firsthand experience, not just academic capability.

Even in light of the cloud’s moderately recent arrival as a standard choice, the CCSP certification remains an impartially new one, which also speaks to its value as a title that represents cutting-edge capabilities.

Eligibility criteria for CCSP Certification:

CCSP has convincing experience requirements that make it clear that this certification is for experienced professionals with hands-on practice in cloud AND established information security. The experience level needed for CCSP certification exam is “minimum of 5 years of full-time, paid, accumulative information technology, including at least three years of information security and one year of cloud computing“.

Note that only a one-year experience exception is awarded for education. Then again, there is a one-year reservation of the professional experience requirement for holding an additional credential on the (ISC)2 approved list. Substantial experience includes information systems security-related work presented as a practitioner, consultant, auditor, instructor or instructor, that demands Information Security experience and requires the direct application of that information. The five years of work experience must be the similar of actual fulltime Information Security work (not just Information Security responsibilities for five years); this condition is cumulative, however, and may have been accrued over a much considerable period.

What is the CCSP Concept?

CCSP certification is classified into six areas or domains, known collectively as the ‘Common Body of Knowledge CBK.’ These domains are:

  1. Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements

  2. Cloud Data Security

  3. Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

  4. Cloud Application Security

  5. Operations

  6. Legal and Compliance

A big part of achieving a CCSP can identify critical information and execute specific measures that will decrease or altogether reduce the risk of opponent taking advantages of it. You must learn what’s required for cloud architecture to operate and manage it. Your competency must reach the definition of controls over media, hardware and the operators who have been awarded access privileges. The auditing and monitoring of devices, mechanisms, and facilities are part of operations, as well.

It is a four-hour exam, and candidates must solve 125 questions. Cracking the CCSP certification exam is a tough task, but those who are proficient enough to pass it are well-positioned to commence in the information security field and achieve success in their careers.

Advantages of CCSP certification:

CCSP is recognized as the distinguished standard for cloud security. Being a unique, vendor-neutral, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved certification; you can apply it to a wide range of cloud platforms that will help you become an expert on Cloud security.

After completion of course, you will accomplish:

  • Instant Probability and Differentiation

  • Individual recognition

  • Fill the unknown passage in your knowledge and helps you stay forward.

  • Career Advancement

  • Ensures you’re better equipped to protect sensitive data in a global environment.

Most common job profiles for CCSPs:

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Architect

  • Security Consultant

  • Security Engineer

  • Security Manager

  • Systems Architect

  • Systems Engineer

The CCSP places you as an authority figure on cloud security. It’s a fast way to demonstrate your knowledge and receive trust from your clients or senior leadership.

When you receive the CCSP certification, you gain the greatest standard for cloud security expertise. This certification is given by the two leading non-profits concentrated on cloud and information security: CSA and (ISC)². It’s vendor-neutral, and you require practical knowledge and expertise to earn it. Quite honestly, there is no other cloud security certification like it.

Because the CCSP is vendor-neutral, you can practice your learning across a variety of different cloud platforms. This not only makes you more commercial, but it also ensures you’re better equipped to protect sensitive data in a global environment.

CCSP creates possibilities. For example, as a consultant, it can help you develop into cloud services and acquire new business. If you’re an internal subject matter specialist, it can help you move into more strategic roles.

The CCSP certification can improve your working knowledge of cloud security policies and practices. It can keep you contemporary on evolving technologies, new threats and new reduction strategies. And it can fill in hidden gaps in your knowledge.

According to a recent industry forecast, the global cloud computing market, which was $110 billion (U.S.) in 2015, will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of almost 28 percent, reaching nearly $140 billion (U.S.) by 2018.

Security is the one of the most significant issue holding enterprises back from adopting cloud computing on a larger scale, and as the Internet of Things continues to grow into all corners of our lives, there will be an increase in demand for security personnel who are skilled in cloud management.

A CCSP certification puts you among a globally recognized group of networking security professionals. You put yourself in an elite club and have full access to a global spectrum of peer networking, information resources, educational tools, and industries. You’re on every recruiter’s radar, and salaries are much higher than other positions that don’t require the certification.

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