CCSP Certification Sample Questions

CCSP Dumps, CCSP PDF, CCSP VCE, ISC2 Cloud Security Professional VCEThe purpose of this Sample Question Set is to provide you with information about the ISC2 Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) exam. These sample questions will make you very familiar with both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the CCSP certification test. To get familiar with real exam environment, we suggest you try our Sample ISC2 CCSP Certification Practice Exam. This sample practice exam gives you the feeling of reality and is a clue to the questions asked in the actual ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification exam.

These sample questions are simple and basic questions that represent likeness to the real ISC2 Cloud Security Professional exam questions. To assess your readiness and performance with real-time scenario based questions, we suggest you prepare with our Premium ISC2 CCSP Certification Practice Exam. When you solve real time scenario based questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

ISC2 CCSP Sample Questions:

01. You are the security officer for a small cloud provider offering public cloud IaaS; your clients are predominantly from the education sector, located in North America.
Of the following technology architecture traits, which is probably the one your organization would most likely want to focus on?
a) Reducing mean time to repair (MTTR)
b) Reducing mean time between failure (MTBF)
c) Reducing the recovery time objective (RTO)
d) Automating service enablement
02. Why is SOAP used for accessing web services instead of DCOM and CORBA?
a) SOAP provides a much more lightweight solution.
b) SOAP replaces binary messaging with XML.
c) SOAP is much more secure.
d) SOAP is newer.
03. What is the final step of a quantitative risk analysis?
a) Determine asset value.
b) Assess the annualized rate of occurrence.
c) Derive the annualized loss expectancy.
d) Conduct a cost/benefit analysis.
04. The cloud computing characteristic of elasticity promotes which aspect of the CIA triad?
a) None
b) Integrity
c) Availability
d) Confidentiality
05. Which of the following should not be true about any tests performed during forensic analysis?
a) tests should be repeatable by opposing attorneys
b) tests should be standard to the forensics industry
c) tests should be tailored and customized for specific purposes
d) tests should be performed by trained, certified professionals
06. Which of the following standards addresses a company’s entire security program, involving all aspects of various security disciplines?
a) ISO 27001
b) ISO 27002
c) NIST 800-37
d) SSAE 16
07. What is the concept of isolating an application from the underlying operating system for testing purposes?
a) Abstracting
b) Application virtualization
c) Hosting
d) Sandboxing
08. Your company operates in a highly competitive market, with extremely high-value data assets. Senior management wants to migrate to a cloud environment but is concerned that providers will not meet the company’s security needs.
Which deployment model would probably best suit the company’s needs?
a) Public
b) Community
c) Private
d) Hybrid
09. A cloud customer performing a penetration test without the provider’s permission is risking ____________.
a) Malware contamination
b) Excessive fees for SLA violations
c) Loss of market share
d) Prosecution
10. Which of the following is probably most important to include in a data archiving policy?
a) Data format and type
b) Data classification
c) Encryption procedures and standards
d) Data audit and review processes


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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