EC-Council CTIA Exam Syllabus

CTIA PDF, 312-85 Dumps, 312-85 PDF, CTIA VCE, 312-85 Questions PDF, EC-Council 312-85 VCE, EC-Council CTIA Dumps, EC-Council CTIA PDFUse this quick start guide to collect all the information about EC-Council CTIA (312-85) Certification exam. This study guide provides a list of objectives and resources that will help you prepare for items on the 312-85 EC-Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst exam. The Sample Questions will help you identify the type and difficulty level of the questions and the Practice Exams will make you familiar with the format and environment of an exam. You should refer this guide carefully before attempting your actual EC-Council CTIA certification exam.

The EC-Council CTIA certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in Specialist domain. The EC-Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of EC-Council CTIA.

EC-Council CTIA Exam Summary:

Exam Name EC-Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)
Exam Code 312-85
Exam Price $250 (USD)
Duration 120 mins
Number of Questions 50
Passing Score 70%
Books / Training Courseware
Schedule Exam ECC Exam Center
Sample Questions EC-Council CTIA Sample Questions
Practice Exam EC-Council 312-85 Certification Practice Exam

EC-Council 212-81 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details
Introduction to Threat Intelligence - Intelligence
- Cyber Threat Intelligence Concepts
- Threat Intelligence Lifecycle and Frameworks
- Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs)
- Threat Intelligence in the Cloud Environment
- Future Trends and Continuous Learning
Cyber Threats and Attack Frameworks - Cyber Threats
- Advanced Persistent Threats
- Cyber Kill Chain
- MITRE ATT&CK and Diamond Model
- Indicators of Compromise
Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review - Organization's Current Threat landscape
- Requirements Analysis
- Plan a Threat Intelligence Program
- Establish Management Support
- Build a Threat Intelligence Team
- Threat Intelligence Sharing
- Review Threat Intelligence Program
Data Collection and Processing - Threat Intelligence Data Collection
- Threat Intelligence Collection Management
- Threat Intelligence Feeds and Sources
- Threat Intelligence Data Collection and Acquisition
- Bulk Data Collection
- Data Processing and Exploitation
- Threat data Collection and Enrichment in Cloud Environments
Data Analysis - Data Analysis
- Data Analysis Techniques
- Threat Analysis
- Threat Analysis Process
- Fine-Tuning Threat Analysis
- Threat Intelligence Evaluation
- Create Runbooks and Knowledge Base
- Threat Intelligence Tools
Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination - Threat Intelligence Reports
- Dissemination
- Participate in Sharing Relationships
- Sharing Threat Intelligence
- Delivery Mechanisms
- Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms
- Intelligence Sharing Acts and Regulations
- Threat Intelligence Integration
- Threat Intelligence Sharing and Collaboration using Python Scripting
Threat Hunting and Detection - Threat Hunting Concepts
- Threat Hunting Automation
Threat Intelligence in SOC Operations, Incident Response, and Risk Management - Threat Intelligence in SOC Operations
- Threat Intelligence in Risk Management
- Threat Intelligence in Incident Response

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