CIW Database Design Specialist (1D0-541) Certification Sample Questions

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CIW 1D0-541 Sample Questions:

01. Which of the following integrity constraints restricts the values allowed for the attributes of relations?
a) Entity integrity
b) Referential integrity
c) Relational constraint
d) Domain constraint
02. In a data model, what does integrity information describe?
a) Details about how the data will be kept accurate
b) The kinds of operations that are permitted on the data
c) A set of rules by which the database can be built
d) A list of authorized users of the database
03. With regard to databases, what is normalization?
a) The process of reducing the cardinality of a relation
b) The process of organizing and refining relations
c) The process of duplicating data to reduce the number of tables
d) The process of limiting data stored in a table to a specific range of values
04. Which term describes one or more database operations that are executed as a single unit?
a) Update
b) Transaction
c) Encapsulation
d) Operational group
05. A theta-join can also be viewed in terms of which of the following?
a) A difference set
b) A projection
c) A restricted Cartesian product
d) A union
06. Which of the following is true of secondary indexes?
a) Adding a secondary index to an attribute that contains long character strings as its value can improve performance.
b) If a particular attribute is updated often, it may not be a good candidate for a secondary index.
c) Secondary indexes do not require disk space.
d) Small relations generally realize optimum performance when secondary indexes are added.
07. How is an entity's primary key denoted in both a Chen ER model and an Information Engineering (IE) diagram?
a) By an underline
b) By an asterisk
c) By italics
d) By bold type
08. What is a relational database domain?
a) A group of attributes
b) A set of permissible tuple values
c) A collection of related data items
d) A set of permissible attribute values
09. Entities can best be described as:
a) the constituent parts of a primary key.
b) logical categories that make up a database, as opposed to the actual data items that inhabit the entity.
c) the actual data items stored in a table.
d) the constituent parts of a composite key.
10. The CREATE VIEW command is a command from which subset of SQL?
a) Data Linking Language (DLL)
b) Data Definition Language (DDL)
c) Data Manipulation Language (DML)
d) Data Control Language (DCL)


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: b

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