Win the War Against Network Breaches With CND Certification

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What is CND Certification?

The Certified Network Defender - CND certification confirms that you have acquired an in-depth understanding and hands-on skill to tackle real-life situations, including cyber-attacks on any network. It guarantees your hiring managers that you hold the technical knowledge needed to develop a secure network in your organization.

With an emphasis on operations and approaches instead of technology, the CND certification qualifies you to defend, uncover, and deal with threats on the network. The certification teaches you network defense fundamentals, the application of network security controls, protocols, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, VPN, and firewall configuration, and the complexities of network traffic signatures and vulnerability scanning.

Commonly these skills help you stimulate resiliency and continuity of operations throughout cyber-attacks and help you design enhanced network security strategies and successful incident response plans.

Is CND Certification Worth It?

The CND certification is accepted and acknowledged by many government organizations, such as ANSI, DoD, GCHQ, and more.

CND certification will certify your credibility, consistency, and professionalism.

Furthermore, certification can be an essential part of a professional’s education since certified professionals tend to rise through the ranks faster and have greater salaries.

According to PayScale, the average Certified Network Defender salary of a Network Security Engineer is $85,555, and a Network Defender Architect is USD 91,000 annually. You can also anticipate a higher assessment percentage in cybersecurity because of the shortage of workforce.

How to Pass the CND Certification Exam?

“How to pass the CND certification exam” is the most usual question by the applicants aspiring to take this certification exam. Preparing for the EC-Council exam is not a walk in the park. There are ample resources available to ease your preparation.

Applicants can pass the CND certification exam by following below mentioned tips:

1. Set Aside Time to Study Each Day

Even if you are taking up the self-study route, try to set aside two hours daily if you are preparing for the CND exam alongside your job. It is suggested that you will require approximately three to four months for thorough exam preparation.

2. Understand the CND Certification Exam Structure and syllabus

The CNd exam syllabus summarizes all the topics are covered in the exam. It is truly very much useful to learn how to concentrate on your preparation. This is the most important thing to keep aside by you throughout the exam preparation.

  • To get the complete details about the CND exam syllabus, Click here.

3. Register for Online Training Course

It is always better recommended to take up training course. EC-Council provides various training options. The training course will help you understand the exam objectives in a detailed way and make your preparation much more smooth.

4. Make as Many Notes as You Can

Make sure that you write many notes, whether it is a topic that you find difficult to understand or a case that is more straightforward to learn. This will help you get specific knowledge of the CND exam syllabus topic. Not only that, but it helps to flag up ideas on concepts that you have not yet thoroughly grasped.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

You can take CND practice tests before sitting the actual exam. This indicates that you will be familiar with the type and structure of the exam questions. Failing a sample exam will also designate what areas of the syllabus you should study again to help you achieve the score that you want from the actual exam.

6. Deal with Exam Stress

Dealing with exam stress and handling pressure efficiently is the key to success in EC-Council exams. There could be many questions that arise in your mind and need you to make assumptions. It may be baffling to read and reread the questions and conclude the right option when you are under pressure. You must be calm, read the CND exam questions accurately, and stay composed while tackling such questions.

A Piece of Advice

Your sincere efforts made towards passing the CND certification exam will determine your future. Many examples of professionals across the globe have made a brilliant career in this field just by passing this EC-Council exam. Become an excellent Certified Network Defender and move towards higher levels by demonstrating your expertise in any corner of the world.

Now is the time to become firm, manage your time, work hard wisely, and pass the exam with flying colors. And nothing will stop you!

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