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If you're just starting in the world of Linux, taking the Linux Essentials certification can be a significant first step before diving into the more advanced LPIC certifications. The Linux Essentials exam 010-160 covers essential skills like command-line editing and understanding the Linux operating system.

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials exam is widely recognized in the industry, and it proves to employers that you fundamentally understand the Linux operating system.

Overview of LPI Linux Essentials Exam

The LPI Linux Essentials exam has no expiration and remains valid for your life. Nonetheless, with the introduction of newer exam versions, the significance of your certification may gradually decrease over time.

The Linux Essentials exam consists of 40 questions and has a time limit of 60 minutes for completion. The LPI Linux Essentials certification is in its 1.6 version and is identified by the exam code 010-160.

The Linux Essentials exam and certification do not have any mandatory prerequisites, allowing individuals at any level to start their LPI learning journey.

The LPI Linux Essentials exam costs approximately $120 for the exam fee alone. However, additional expenses may be incurred for preparation courses and study materials related to this exam.

To pass the LPI Linux Essentials exam, it is necessary to comprehend Linux and the open-source field, along with familiarity with commonly used applications. Additionally, a thorough understanding of the vital elements of the Linux operating system and proficiency in working with the Linux command line is required. Lastly, knowledge of security and administration topics is essential.

How to Prepare for Linux Essential Exam (010-160)?

Numerous approaches and study materials are available to initiate your learning process, but the choice of how to begin is entirely up to you. These strategies will assist you in achieving certification with minimal effort required.

1. LPI Study Resources

LPI offers study resources specifically designed for the certification exams, providing a valuable advantage during the preparation phase. Most importantly, these study materials are readily accessible on LPI's website.

LPI has made the Linux Essential Version 1.6 book available for the Linux 010-160 certification exam. Additionally, obtaining the Linux Essentials certificate is the most effective way to demonstrate the necessary skills for future job or advancement opportunities.

2. LPI Training Partner

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers access to authorized training partners, which can provide excellent preparation for the exam. Most importantly, these training providers are part of the LPI Approved Training Partner (LPI-ATP) and LPI Approved Academic Partner (LPI-AAP) Programs.


Numerous websites offer exam-related information, and these sites are particularly rich in user queries. Furthermore, many of these queries are resolved, providing helpful solutions. If you have questions about the exam, refer to the LPI FAQ page for relevant details.

4. Create a Study Plan

Before embarking on exam preparation, developing a solid study plan is crucial. This entails researching past exam patterns and concurrently gathering relevant study materials and topics. Starting on the right foot is often a precursor to a more satisfactory outcome.

Most importantly, this will assist you in organizing topics based on your areas of weakness and strength.

Above all, it is essential to maintain a calm and focused mindset, as this will prevent any confusion during the preparation process. Furthermore, having a composed frame of mind enables better understanding and retention of information, and Additionally, it facilitates ease in comprehending and remembering concepts.

5. Take LPI Linux Essentials Practice Exam

In every examination, studying is crucial, but the practice is equally important. Most importantly, it is imperative to remember that regardless of the number of failures, one should persistently strive for success without giving up.

To prepare for the Linux 010-160 exam, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of Linux's functions and operations. With this foundation, progress in the exam becomes more manageable. As a result, LPI offers detailed information and skill requirements related to the 010-160 exam on its webpage.

Additionally, if you're interested in reviewing the practice questions at no cost, you can explore the edusum website.

Helpful Hints and Techniques for the LPI Linux Essentials Exam

Below are a few suggestions to assist you in getting ready for the LPI Linux Essentials exam:

  • Acquaint Yourself With Linux: The exam presupposes that you possess fundamental knowledge of Linux; hence dedicating time to working with Linux systems and becoming at ease with the command line is crucial.

  • Familiarize Yourself With the LPI Linux Essentials Exam Objectives: The exam objectives detail the content that will be tested in the exam. Utilize them as a roadmap to direct your studies and ensure comprehensive coverage of all the required material.

  • Utilize a Linux Essentials Practice Exam to Your Advantage: Practice exams offer insights into areas that require further attention and provide a preview of the test format, aiding in your preparation for the actual examination.

  • Maintain a Consistent Study Routine: Establish and adhere to a study schedule. Set achievable objectives for each day, week, and month leading up to the exam, ensuring steady progress in your preparation.

  • Join a Study Group for Collaborative Learning: Participating in a study group can keep you motivated and enable you to discuss exam topics with fellow students who share the same goal of exam preparation.

  • Make the Most of Online Resources: Explore the abundant online resources available, including study guides, tutorials, and forums, to supplement your exam preparation. Utilizing these resources can deepen your knowledge and grasp of the exam subjects.

  • Acquire Practical Knowledge: Immerse yourself in hands-on tasks that involve working with Linux systems and open-source software to gain firsthand experience and readiness for real-world situations.

The Impact of Linux Certification on Your IT Career

In addition to other certifications that can advance your IT career, obtaining an LPI certification is a crucial stepping stone for both experienced and aspiring IT professionals. Acquiring a Linux certification offers the following benefits:

Validate Your Proficiency

Obtaining LPI certification will be tangible evidence of your skills and knowledge. Instead of elaborating on all your competencies in a cover letter or resume, you can emphasize your strengths and let your certification speak for itself. When you present your Linux certification, employers recognize your valuable skill set.

An Approach to Set Yourself Apart

Linux expertise is highly sought after, and as per the Open Source Jobs Report by the Linux Foundation, 89% of employers face challenges locating open-source talent. By acquiring a prestigious certification, you will distinguish yourself from others and facilitate employers in recognizing your exceptional drive and motivation.

Linux expertise is highly sought after, and as per the Open Source Jobs Report by the Linux Foundation, 89% of employers face challenges locating open-source talent. By acquiring a prestigious certification, you will distinguish yourself from others and facilitate employers in recognizing your exceptional drive and motivation.


The LPI 010-160 exam offers the pathway to obtaining the Linux Essentials certificate, which opens up promising career prospects aligned with your skills. Additionally, this certification exam is a stepping stone towards pursuing more advanced certifications, enabling you to attain a professional designation. Finally, it is advisable to thoroughly review the topics provided by LPI and revise them diligently to ensure comprehensive preparation.

So, crack the LPI Linux Essentials exam now!

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