Top 7 Tips for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam Preparation

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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst is fundamentally a great proof of skills for Data Analysts. This exam assures that you can prepare, visualize, model, analyze, deploy the data and maintain deliverables. The PL-300 exam is validated against Microsoft Certified - Power BI Data Analyst Associate. The certification proves data analysts' skills. It confirms their ability to help the organization build its data resources value by proposing Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Details

  • Certification Name: Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • Microsoft Power BI PL-300 Certification Exam Cost: $165

  • Prerequisites: Applicants must have a basic understanding of data repositories and data processing both on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Exam Duration: 180 minutes

  • Total Questions: 40-60 Multiple-choice Questions (with case studies)

  • Passing Score: 70%

Skills Evaluated in Microsoft PL-300 Exam

There are definite skills measured in the exam. Here they are, along with the percentage per their appearance chance in the final exam:

  • Prepare the data (15-20%)

  • Model the data (30-35%)

  • Visualize and analyze the data (25-30%)

  • Deploy and maintain assets (20-25%)

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification for Your Career?

Before beginning preparation for any certification exam or starting a new job, we always think if it is worth the time and money spent on it? The same goes for the Microsoft PL-300 Power BI certification exam preparation. Maybe, you are thinking about the time needed for exam prep, the money you need to spend, career growth, and job opportunities. On the whole, you might be thinking if Microsoft Power BI certification is worth it or not? So let's explore:

  • 23% of Microsoft-certified professionals received a 20% salary hike after earning certification.

  • Typically, a Data Analyst having Microsoft Power BI skills can make around $91,731 per year, while with some experience, you can make up to $134,000!

  • Microsoft Power BI Certification allows you to be a valuable asset to your organization. You have skills in converting data into affluent visuals, hence removing business intelligence for significant decision making.

  • As the global Business Intelligence market size will expand from $23.1 billion in 2020 to $33.3 billion by 2025, there's a great requirement for professionals who can take out significant data and enhance decision making.

  • Holding Microsoft Power BI certification unlocks tons of career opportunities. You can work not just as a Data Analyst but Power BI Business Analyst, Power BI Analyst, Power BI Developer, Power BI Data Analyst, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Power BI Software Engineer, or even Senior Software Engineer roles.

How to Prepare for Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification PL-300 Exam?

1. Focus on Microsoft Power BI PL-300 Certification Exam's Key Components

Microsoft provides sufficient enough study resources to learn the concepts of the Microsoft Power BI PL-300 Certification exam. Visit the official webpage for this Microsoft exam and thoroughly read the syllabus, take a copy of syllabus topics and prepare your study plan in accordance with it. This will help you in determining where to begin and what to study.

2. Know the PL-300 Exam Structure

PL-300 exam syllabus and know the crucial details like exam duration, question type, and PL-300 exam cost, among others. We suggest you go through them thoroughly to give you an idea about the exam's background and help you study in a more effective way.

3. Develop a Study Plan for Exam PL-300

The following routine helps you include all topics on time, revise them, and take enough rest in-between. Giving your study time some structure is a must as if you don't, it'll be way too straightforward to delay, get preoccupied, or neglect what you require to do.

4. Select Your Study Method

Self-study doesn't give you sufficient study resources or the comfort of solving your doubts whenever you wish. So, register in an e-learning platform, wherein industry professionals share knowledge, and you avail the best resources for exam preparation. Furthermore, study materials from e-learning platforms can be utilized any time and anywhere, with the 24/7 assistance of someone identifying and filling the knowledge gaps. If not, you can also opt for self-study and follow the tutorial for Microsoft Power BI for beginners to entirely understand the tool.

5. PL-300 Practice Tests

Last but the most efficient one are the practice tests. PL-300 practice tests are vital to boost your confidence and, at the same time, reduce your anxiety. Additionally, it helps you to gauge your skills and knowledge. Hence, to facilitate your way to certification, provides a practice test to help you pass the PL-300 exam. The practice tests are created so that you confront the actual exam environment around you. After completing practice tests, you can easily understand the areas you lack and work upon them. Remember, the more you practice, the better you're going to score in the actual exam. So start now.

6. Try Your Hands Practically with Power BI Tool

Though you know every small detail and concept of Microsoft Power BI, you need to know how to employ all these details in real-life situations. Don't worry; Microsoft has established, maintained, and constantly improved a virtual lab. You can use such labs for your hands-on experience after you are done with your self-paced portion.

7. Take Time for Rest and Revision

Revision helps you soak up the concepts that you have been studying, or else you'll forget everything. However, do not ignore your health. Eat, and rest properly if you want to study competently. You can't grasp any information if your brain is tired as you feel worn out due to a shortage of sleep or rest.


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