Skills You Will Master in the CompTIA Linux+ Certification

CompTIA is the leading association outlining the international technology community. Its purpose is to give a unified voice, global advocacy, and leadership, and to promote industry growth through standards, professional skill, education, and business solutions. The CompTIA Linux+ certification is one of many certification programs CompTIA has placed together.

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CompTIA Linux+ (Powered by LPI) tests the basic usage and managerial tasks that are familiar to almost all Linux partitions and UNIX flavors. The one certification exam that you have to pass to achieve the CompTIA Linux+ certification (XK0-004) cover the same topics as the two exams that you have to pass to achieve LPIC-1 (LPI Level 1 — Linux Administrator) certification. As a bonus, after getting CompTIA Linux+, you can apply for and obtain the LPIC-1 certification directly.

Achieving CompTIA Linux+ certification proves you have an idea how to touch it, without breaking it. Even that statement, as depreciating as it seems, says a lot to a Hiring Administrator seeing for Linux certified or experienced professionals for entry or junior-level jobs.

Linux+ Keeps You Connected

The Linux footstep proceeds to increase. In addition to its notable ubiquity in the server room, all the dominant public cloud providers allow Linux images as a way of expediting up virtual instance creation. Add on that Linux-based Android accounts for nearly 80% of the smartphone market, and you’ll find many IT careers are established on Linux+ skills.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification Gives a Competitive Edge

First and foremost, CompTIA Linux+ certification makes individual far more ambitious in the IT job market. Over the past many years, we’ve found that most Linux+ certified holder get employment working as IT administrators and support professionals in an extensive variety of organizations. Some end up working in smaller organizations, where they need a more extensive skill, while others work for large organizations with a less number of technologies, or even at managed services providers (MSPs) giving many levels of IT support for other organizations.

Set Yourself Special

Linux+ certification is in high demand and, according to the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Jobs Report, 89% of employers report difficulties in finding open source talent. By getting a CompTIA Linux+ certification, you’ll stand out from the masses and make their work simpler. Certifications precisely tell management about the skills you have while concurrently exhibiting your drive and commitment. Earning the CompTIA Linux+ certifications means the following:

  • You can confirm knowledge of user administration

  • You can define basic open source resources and licenses

  • You can maintain local storage devices and computer network protocols

  • You can understand file permissions and software configurations

  • Widespread Recognition

Large organizations such as the Dell, HP, BAE Systems, U.S. Navy, Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Department of Defense employ CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI certified IT professionals.

Stepping Stone for Higher Goals

IT professionals who obtain their CompTIA Linux+ certification can receive the LPIC-1 from LPI. Obtaining a CompTIA Linux+ certification is the beginning of a journey that will drive you to advanced, distribution-specific CompTIA Linux+ certifications such as SUSE Certified Engineer.

Skills You Will Gain with CompTIA Linux+ Certification:

  • You will qualify to communicate with Linux via the bash shell and learn why this is emphasized over the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • You will enhance your skills in how Linux partitioning is distinctive from partitioning a Windows Server.

  • CompTIA Linux+ certification will improve your skills in installing software across a whole business.

  • CompTIA Linux+certification will qualify you in how and why to assemble software from source code.

  • You will master standard Linux permissions.

  • You will manage how to manage network printing in a web interface.

  • You will know the difference between installing software “the Red Hat way” versus installing “the Debian way.”

  • CompTIA Linux+ certification will adequate you to keep a focus on log files, and how to have bash automatically update whenever a log changes.

  • You will learn how to Execute secure administration from an admin workstation (Windows, Mac OS or Linux) to Linux servers for protected remote administration.

  • You will learn how to use the tools compelled to keep an eye on which methods are utilizing the most RAM and CPU time, as well as the use of virtual memory.

Passing a certification exam is always a significant milestone, but you also need to know at your fingertips that you can apply back at the office. Linux+ is a very practical certification in the real world, as well as being a valuable prep tool for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exams.

Once you receive the CompTIA Linux+ certification, the sky is the limit. You can join a software company and start acquiring hands-on experience to complement earlier gained knowledge, or you can start passing exams for even more high-level certifications before settling on a job.

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