Key Benefits of CompTIA Project+ Certification

A certificate in project management is an excellent way to prove your skills and bring valuable certifications to your organization, while also boosting your earning power. The project management industry is rapidly growing, with great opportunities for career advancement. The skills you learn by acquiring a CompTIA Project+ certification will help you in almost any business or management jobs.

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What is CompTIA Project+ Certification?

CompTIA Project+ is perfect for entry-level project managers or those wish to accomplish smaller scale projects. This project management certification approaches multiple frameworks to provide overall project management expertise.

You can expect to learn about the project life cycle and project constraints, communication best practices, resource management, documentation protocols, and coordinating stakeholders.

The CompTIA Project+ exam focuses on three core skill set required for successful IT project management: critical business knowledge, best practices in project management methods and processes, and essential interpersonal skills.

This certification measures project management skills for those at least twelve months of expertise collaborating in or managing projects with a technical element. The exam measures projectability in social, business, and technological aspects.

Key Benefits of CompTIA Project+ Certification

Effective communication and more distinct planning among team members are listed as the number one benefit for earning CompTIA Project+ certification, according to a survey carried out by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Certified individuals have also noticed an increase in the responsibility assigned to them as they own the expertise. The extent of the projects assigned has increased for certified individuals, as well as the number of projects they are assigned to work on. More Project+ certified individuals have noted that they have led between one or more projects since becoming CompTIA Project+ certified and have been engaged for multiple projects at one time. Some even stated that they got a promotion or a salary hike since becoming CompTIA Project+ certified.

Project management isn't the primary factor that comprises mind once most of the people suppose IT skills, roles, jobs, or careers. However, this is undoubtedly changing as project management is growing not solely the highest IT ability. Moreover, this certification is collaboratively an in demand and well-paid job within the field. The most significant advantage of the Project+ certification is that it's vendor-neutral, full accepted and might be earned quickly, that is right for people who are new the sphere.

Unlike other project management certifications, there aren't any prerequisites, no prolonged applications, and continuing education background — the Project+ exam is that the sole factor you would like to highlight. Expertise with project management is a huge plus, and it’s hugely recommended. However, this CompTIA Certification will impact your career positively.

CompTIA Project+ provides project managers the skills required to complete projects on time and within the financial envelope and conceives a standard project management language among project team members.

Scope Outline of CompTIA Project+ Certification for Project Managers

  • Explain and apply project selection guides

  • Describe the factors that should be recognized when designing a project strategy

  • Plan a project charter and discuss the factors involved in setting the scope of a project

  • Explain the elements of a project plan

  • Outline the influence of internal and external stakeholders on a project

  • Analyze the requirements of a project and describe software-development life-cycle models

  • Explain the distinctions between project and program management

  • Explain how to build consensus among the stakeholders in a project

  • Use consensus building techniques to gain administration and stakeholder buy-in

  • Discuss the resources needed for the scope statement and design the steps of the scope-planning process

  • Explain how the scope statement is applied in the project management process

  • Identify a project's scope and manage the scope-planning process

  • Outline general practices and proficiencies for avoiding project delays and containing the scope of a project

  • Develop a work disintegration structure and practice it as part of the scope-verification process

  • Outline the influence that internal and external stakeholders can have on project scope

Project Execution and Accomplishment

  • Discuss the role of change-control methods in the project management process

  • Summarize the components of a project performance-reporting system

  • Practice variance and earned-value analysis techniques to monitor and communicate project progress

  • Analyze and interpret a BCWS curve

  • Discuss the essential leadership styles employed in leading and motivating a project team

  • Explain how to encourage a project team to execute to the highest possible standard

  • Outline the benefits of a concretely managed project team

  • Explain how administrative closure utilizes the expertise to validate the completion of a project or a project phase

  • Distinguish the various inputs of a project plan's development that are essential to its execution

A key benefit of CompTIA Project+ certification is that, with this Certification listed in your resume you can bag top project management jobs.

Job Profiles for CompTIA Project+ Certified Professionals

  • Product managers

  • Project coordinators

  • Project leaders

  • Project executives

  • Project administrators

  • Project directors

  • Project analysts

  • Development managers

  • Program managers

In conclusion, project management is a broad field to achieve into right away, and CompTIA’s Project+ certification is an excellent way to break in.

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