Is ISACA CISM Certification Worth It?

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Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is a certification designed for professionals committed to IT security management and governance. The certification is given by the Information Systems Council Audit and Control Association [ISACA], a global organization concerned in presenting the best method for information systems management. Earning of CISM certification heads to career advancement because the CISM is regarded as one of the in-demand IT certifications with the extraordinary pay scale. The certification is approved by the ISO/IEC 17024:2003 and encourages the best international security applications and gives recognition to the concerned individual.

What Is the CISM Certification?

The Certified Information Security Manager certification is an Information Security certification that is given by ISACA and concentrates on teaching the appropriate managerial skills related to IT security.

The certification is designed for professionals who particularly aspire to concentrate on the managerial perspective of information security, without significantly falling into the intricate internal workings of various information security concepts.

CISM certified professionals are frequently tasked with managing the information security of organizations, which includes designing and improving working information security practices and strategies.

Once certified, an applicant can prove an understanding of the connection between an information security program and broader business aims and purposes.

Who Should Get the CISM Certification?

The CISM certification is aimed at applicants who are tasked with or are pointing toward the administration of the information security of organizations or industries.

Such organizations often require individuals who understand:

  • Policymaking to assure that adequate information security policies are installed.

  • Constituents that are important to reduce and regulate risks and advance resources and at the same time, build trust and reputation.

  • How to stake presumption on crucial decisions that are to be executed regarding the security of the organization.

  • How to implement adequate and effective risk management.

Successful CISM holders will be most qualified to commence high-level management positions where responsibilities would, for example, involve validating and confirming all the essential assets that require to be preserved or even assuring that fines for non-compliance to policies are communicated and enforced.

Earning the CISM certification isn’t easy, and with ample certifications available in information security, it makes the reason to explore the benefits of achieving appropriate certifications. The CISM certification worth can be distinctive for each person, depending on how they influence their certifications in their industry. One thing is sure, the benefits of the CISM certification is expected to have a positive effect directly in one or more of these areas:

Job Benefits

Career Growth: Growth within your preferred industry will become expedited, whether finding a new job or seeking a promotion.

CISM Certification confirms your knowledge of information security, not just the industry sector you presently work in, getting a job in a new industry simpler.

Salary Benefits

Applicants with the CISM Certification make, on average $82,237 more a year than their companions holding a CISSP certification.

Global Acceptance of Your Expert Infosec Knowledge and Skills

ANSI approves the CISM certification under ISO/IEC 17024:2012. This ISO/IEC is an International Standard giving the CISM certification international acceptance.


You will join a prime group of professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the CISM certification places you on a path of advanced education. This continuing education is essential in the information security industry. The field is developing and changing on every day. As a result, new paces in information and technology. Expanded knowledge in any industry is worthwhile; earning the CISM certification is a stepping stone on your career path of extended learning.

A CISM certification can benefit the applicant by granting them the recognition of the high standard of expertise and skills required to be an information security professional. This certification gives the candidate with tangible proof of career progress and creates the potential for an increase in salary or promotion.

Why Organizations Need CISM Professionals?

The management at organizations and the government agencies are seeking CISMs and require their present employees to earn the certification because the CISM certified employees can

  • Recognize the essential points and modify the practices that are distinct to the company

  • Earn credibility to the organization as you can maintain and govern the information security

  • Explain to the customers about the company’s commitment to safety, and integrity

  • Contribute to acquiescence issues and invite customers and hold existing customers as well

  • Improve the organization’s security program and associated objectives

The Following Job Profiles Would Match the CISM Certification:

1) Information Security Manager

The CISM is tasked with getting senior management commitment (such as acquiring budgets), evaluating security metrics, executing strategic alignment, implementing adequate risk management, securing value delivery, and ensuring sufficient resource management.

2) Chief Information Officer

In an environment with new business requirements, convincing industry-specific regulations, and risks rising every day, the experience to handle uncertainty and security has developed as a mission-critical concern for small and large business enterprises globally. CISM qualify business leaders the capability to understand and explain a multitude of complicated and challenging security management problems that can considerably impact enterprise success.

3) Information Risk Compliance Specialist

The CISM would be included and mostly manage the building and accomplishment of programs, policies, and practices to assure that the organization accedes with industry and government regulatory requirements. The CISM arbitrates with internal business units, legal teams, and HR to grow awareness within the organization.


ISACA CISM certification is the most sought-after IT certification as it is designed for the job profile of the Information Security Manager. It is one of the highest paying IT certifications.

The distinguishing factor of CISM certification rests in the fact that it blends with the IT auditing role with information security implementation. The certification is accepted worldwide as it maintains the policies for security, evaluates the strategies and methods according to the business needs.

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