How to Build a Better Future by Passing Microsoft SC-900 Exam

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Overview of Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 Certification

For anyone just beginning in security which requires to familiarize themselves with basics of security, compliance, and identity over cloud-based and associated Microsoft services, the SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam should be the first exam to pass.

Passing the SC-900 exam will get you “Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals” certification, with great access to the following associate-level security certifications that include other appropriate Microsoft security-related products and services.

Earning this certification will help the applicant understand the Zero trust model, Microsoft privacy, M365, Azure Defender Azure AD, and a comprehensive overview of Microsoft and M365 security services. This certification is vital regardless of what your Azure path is.

Targeted Audience

  • This certification mainly concentrates on the audience involved in the security, compliance, and identity components of the Microsoft service. These services are utilized throughout the Azure cloud.

  • The knowledge about security and compliance can be useful in numerous ways. Business stakeholders can better perceive how the security measures and compliances.

  • A newcomer or a seasoned professional in the IT field can draw the SC-900 certification that will bring in brilliant career opportunities.

Why Obtain SC-900 Certification?

Microsoft certifications, as a whole, can give you many career-oriented advantages such as better job opportunities, promotions, etc. Here are a few benefits of earning SC-900 certification:

1. Strong Foundation

Microsoft certifications highlight the skills needed to work efficiently in a job role rather than giving bleary attention to each principle. It also provides you a strong foundation to have the skill to sharpen if ever there is a difficulty. A Microsoft-certified employee delivers a much better service than any other.

2. Acknowledgment

When facing an interview, you will see many applicants with the same fundamental certifications. If you want to get employed, you’ll have something more appealing. Since Microsoft is a famous name known for its superior quality, its certifications are acknowledged in many organizations. And this can help you excel from the rest.

3. Greater Opportunities

It has been seen that Microsoft-certified applicants have a better chance of getting employed or promoted. As SC-900 certification is most often acknowledged by HR managers, they won’t be required to prove the range of your skills and knowledge furthermore.

4. Bigger Paycheck

A highly qualified professional is inevitably entitled to a bigger paycheck. And holding coveted skills can make you an invaluable asset to any organization looking for said skills. For this reason, organizations would be ready to raise the salary to engage you.

What You Need to Do to Pass Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 Exam?

If you’ve decided to sit for the Microsoft SC-900 exam, here is some suggestion that you need to consider to pass SC-900 successfully:

1. Visit the Microsoft Official Website

All the essential details about the SC-900 exam can be found on Microsoft's official website. Here you can find many learning options such as training courses, official practice tests, and online forums.

2. Obtain Appropriate Resources

If you explore the official Microsoft website, you will find out many helpful directions they have created for you. These comprise online learning and instructor-led training courses and also SC-900 practice tests.

3. Use SC-900 Practice Test

SC-900 practice test is the most convenient way to get a vibe of the real SC-900 exam because these practice tests mimic the actual exam environment and includes the same types of SC-900 questions as asked in real exam.

You can get updated and reliable SC-900 practice tests on the website. The practice test result will help you interpret the efficacy of your preparation and work on areas that require improvement.

Why Perform SC-900 Practice Test?

When various reasons explain the importance of taking the SC-900 practice test before the real exam, here are three nest reasons to take the SC-900 practice test. Here they are!

1) Enhanced Time Management Skills

In practice tests, a significant amount of weight is put on time which is definitely one of the most meaningful factors when it comes to Microsoft exams. Practice gives you the capability to manage time competently.

2) Bears Down on the Much-Needed Aspect for SC-900 Exam - Revision

As all the syllabus topics you learn are prone to get more intricate at the end of the day as it gets too much to soak up. Thus, revisions can't be avoided. So, performing SC-900 practice tests give the exam takers an opportunity to revise their syllabus.

3) SC-900 Practice Test Boosts Your Confidence

Apart from enhancing time management skills, you boost your confidence as a result of the SC-900 practice test makes you understand the strong and weak areas all over again. In short, you come up with a positive mindset.


Microsoft exams are difficult, though useful in establishing your bright career. Qualifying yourself with the relevant tools and tech knowledge of one of the most prominent organizations across the world is sure to bring about amazing opportunities.

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