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Penetration testing is a security operation where a cyber-security professional works to identify and exploit weaknesses in a computer system. The aim of this pretend attack is to detect any weak spots in a system’s defenses that cybercriminals could use from. Real experience can be obtained through hands-on experience as much as possible and complete all these skills with GIAC GPEN certification in the field.

GIAC Certified Penetration Tester certification can give you a great push in your career and help significantly in your job as a Penetration Tester.

There are multiple reasons to step into penetration testing, and different things inspire everyone. Organizations hire security testers to record what was discovered and fix those vulnerabilities as quickly as they can to improve the company’s security.

Today we will explore some of the benefits of becoming Penetration tester with GIAC GPEN Certification.

Top Reasons to Earn GIAC GPEN Certification

1. Each Day Is Unique

While almost every job could say, this is true; as a GIAC certified penetration tester, every day is unique. Everyday tasks vary from hacking (of course!) to writing reports, attending conferences, giving educational talks, further training, communicating to previous clients, and the list continues. Also, one day you may be trying to hack a Fortune-500 company by an external penetration test. The next day you may be trying to break into the office of a completely different SMB via a physical penetration test.

2. Every Project Has Its Challenges That You Must Overcome

Every project is its little mystery. Along the way, you gather data that finally you have to piece together to solve the mystery. This keeps penetration testers intellectually stimulated at all times, which some people thrive on. With GIAC GPEN certification, you acquire a particular skillset and way of thinking put to the test in some way on every project.

3. Entry to Information Security Community with GIAC GPEN Certification

The information security community is the best way to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and technology. Some so many professionals are truly interested in giving back, supporting people to grow, and networking. Many professional communities can be vicious, but the InfoSec community counteracts to look out for each other. The “cons” and other events are different and great ways to communicate with new people and learn new things, all at the same time.

4. A Real Intention of Helping Society

By helping organizations improve their security bearing, you are helping to secure them and their clients. While it is hard to know if and when you may have avoided a breach, it is nice to think that you play a vital part in preventing organizations from being hacked.

Job Responsibilities and Duties of Penetration Tester

Penetration testers have multiple responsibilities apart from scripting hacks. Responsibilities involve working with experienced managers to document different threats and developing security protocols and strategies. Hacking is a complicated task, even if it is fascinating for most hackers. Penetration testers determine responsibilities trying – where hackers can transfer on to another system; penetration testers must execute productive measures on the same system.

Some Other Responsibilities For GIAC GPEN Professionals Include:

  • Developing new-fangled measures to point out vulnerabilities in different systems
  • Employing physical security tests and determining areas that essential physical defense
  • Detecting vulnerabilities in well-known, common software along with exclusive applications
  • Pinpointing entry points for hackers
  • Applying social engineering to identify enhancement for security awareness and education
  • Remember corporate deliberations when carrying out penetration testing.
  • Keeping aware of up-to-date security malware and threats
  • Reviewing existing corporate policies and help redefine procedures for healthier security
  • Improving existing hardware and software with implementations of improved security standards
  • Report feedback and reports for reviewing of leading business managers.

The Future of Penetration Testing

Acknowledgment of the importance of a penetration tester in cybersecurity raises the needs for these skilled IT professionals. According to the BLS, the information security analyst job will increase by 28% from 2016 to 2026, compared with 7% for all jobs. This requirement endures mostly due to insufficient options as the current workforce doesn’t have the skills to resolve cybersecurity issues. Forbes reports as many as 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity positions by 2021 due to the skill gap.Job security for penetration testers is likely to prevail as mighty as critical communications and business systems transfer online. In a rapidly evolving IT ecosystem, organizations must ensure the security of their digital assets.


Becoming a valued GIAC certified penetration tester is an incredible professional goal. Pen-testing is a demanding field that demands a remarkable amount of consideration to detail and commitment to keeping one’s skills current at all times. For those who have these rare qualities, penetration testing maybe a career field worth serious consideration.

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