Earn CISA Certification to Fly in the Field of IT Audit

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The advancement in the education field changes the approach of world education trends. You may ask, which is the first listed certifications to earn in the modern era? The answer is CISA certification.

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a recognized Certification offered by ISACA to every learner who wants to advance in career. This certification will place you in the topmost organization Management Position.

The information systems in modern businesses and organizations are inevitable; there is maximum utilization of the methods; this is where the Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification comes into place.

Why Obtain the CISA Certification?

CISA is an internationally recognized certification that satisfies global security and IT auditing standards. So, by all means, it comes with a definite standard of prestige; for instance, attending a top-ranked school or achieving an advanced degree.

According to the ISACA, the CISA certification process designed to help professionals evolve the skills and best practices that lays the building blocks of success in this field, presenting a global standard for assessing expertise. Becoming CISA certified also makes it easier for systems auditors to find work. It gives organizations assurance that applicants own the skills, expertise, and knowledge that organizations rely on to keep data safe and secure.

Core Benefits of the CISA certification include the following:

  • Confirms professional experience and adept knowledge
  • It provides global recognition as an IS audit professional
  • Greater value to an organization
  • Gives job aspirants a unique advantage over non-CISA peers

According to Payscale statistics, CISA certificate possessors earn between $83k and $107k, approximately. However, several jobs give higher pay on the basis of company, experience, and job profile. Moreover, CISA certification is a necessity for many jobs, both in the private and public fields. Meaning there's an opportunity cost for auditors who don't earn the CISA, particularly as they obtain more experience in the field.

When the decision is arrived at to research for certification in the financial sector, the ISACA CISA certification should be a must-have in the current trade sector.

The understanding of computer systems is far away from the understanding of the Auditor, which edges on the financial part of the company.

An applicant with both experience in the financial system and Information Systems can achieve the CISA Certification exam smoothly.

CISA Exam Details

To obtain CISA certification, applicants must complete the CISA exam with a minimum score of 450 (the scale ranges between 200 and 800) and possess professional experience as outlined in the 'Certification' segment. The CISA exam duration is 4 hours and is consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, including five job practice domains, as listed below.

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The CISA certification is an open course that requires qualified enrollment; there are factors to take into consideration:

  • Education background

  • Experience in IS

  • Exam time table

  • Goals to achieve

  • Time

  • Pass mark

  • CISA Exam Cost

As the CISA Exam is considered to be challenging to achieve Certification, here are the excellent tips that will help in passing the exam with the minimum of hurdles.

Tips to Get Through the CISA Certification Exam

1) Revision of CISA Guide

This is the reference point that makes you prepares for the exam with an understanding of the contents of the exam, outline of the roles of System Auditor, so equip the applicant during exam preparation.

2) CISA Questions

The time provided to any exam preparation is the guaranteed result of the result as the say goes, "failing to plan is planning to fail" the question is available at a cost in the ISACA question database. Practice the CISA questions and master the answers for the preparation of the actual exam.

3) Think Like An Auditor To Pass CISA Certification Exam

The CISA certification exam includes the auditing of data, control, and security the focus on the scenario exam approach prepares the applicant to reflect mainly on solving real organizational application problems.

4) Take Advantage of ISACA Website

There are ample educational, informative, and free resources on the ISACA website for an applicant's preparation for the exam.

  • Assessment questions

  • Whitepapers Download

  • Information guidelines

  • IS audit guideline

5) CISA Articles

The development in online information procurement and sharing informative articles can help in the prime areas of exam preparation, equip, and strengthen the confidence to pass the CISA certification exam.

CISA Certification Articles:

The passing of any CISA exam is not as severe as the candidate may deliberate with precise and scheduled time; the exam is a walkover.

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