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What Is The Microsoft AZ-120 Exam?

The Microsoft AZ-120 Exam has become the most sought-after Microsoft Certification globally and has been around for a few years. Microsoft continuously works hard to make a modest change and help you keep you consistent with what is needed by a panel of experts and qualified government. This article will give some details of what you may expect through your Microsoft AZ-120 Exam.

Why Go for the Microsoft AZ-120 Exam?

New technology is developed and presented to the world almost every other day. IT industry has undergone tremendous growth over the past few years. Organizations are moving from hand-operated to computerized systems. They are hiring professionals with the latest skills and knowledge. Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads AZ-120 certification exam carry great prominence as they give an individual an opportunity to look into various areas of the IT field.

Microsoft AZ-120 certification strengthens the personal abilities of an individual and guarantees to hire managers the integrity of the applicant. Because of the growing need for skilled professionals, Microsoft-certified professionals have an advantage over people who do not own them. Many organizations are looking to employ professionals with Microsoft Azure certifications.

Essential AZ-120 Exam Detail

Microsoft AZ-120 certification provides IT professionals to enhance their credibility. This exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified) languages. The AZ-120 exam comprises the following domains:

  • Migrate SAP Workloads to Azure (25–30%)

  • Design and Implement an Infrastructure to Support SAP Workloads (25–30%)

  • Design and Implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) (20–25%)

  • Maintain SAP Workloads on Azure (15–20%)

Tips to Prepare for your Microsoft Azure AZ-120 Certification Exam

There are several different ways to study for your Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads AZ-120 exam. Some people find it convenient to take training courses online. Some people like to learn in groups and some people like self-studying. Whatever you choose, make sure that it fits your studying preferences. Below is the list of tips you should follow to make your preparation easy.

1. Understand the AZ-120 Exam Topics

First of all, the exam objectives are your first set of tools that will guide you throughout the preparation journey. The reason is that they describe all of the areas that you should have a solid grasp on. Understanding the exam topics will help you draft your study plan and master all of the essential concepts in time.

2. Enrol in an Online Training Course

Most applicants prefer to enroll in an online training course to get ready for Microsoft certification exams. Microsoft itself provides the training course. You can either enroll in an online course or an instructor-led training course.

3. Online Videos

If you are a busy applicant, videos uploaded by experienced professionals and leading platforms can help you prepare without spending money. Unlike books, it will help you to perceive challenging concepts straight away. YouTube is the best platform, where you can get a large number of free videos.

4. Find Study Partner

Sometimes, studying alone is boring and unproductive. What happens is that your mind treks about, and you turn out to be wasting a lot of time. Hence, studying with a friend or colleague is always beneficial. By doing so, you can share your knowledge and get to learn from your partner's knowledge.

5. Make Short Notes

Taking notes is a crucial way that can help you remember the exam objectives, especially self-studying. You can make notes of concepts that seem challenging for you to remember. Making notes will help you greatly in your revision.

6. Get Hands-On Experience

Getting hands-on experience is absolute for studying, especially when you are preparing for the Microsoft Azure exam. If your work on a particular technology for a while, you can enhance your skills to deal with it. When you confront any issue while operating the systems, you can quickly solve it and acquire more knowledge.

7. Assess Your Learning with AZ-120 Practice Test

If you attempt AZ-120 practice test, you can become familiar with the exam structure and type of questions. Apart from this, it will help you to assess your preparation level. Moreover, it can help you evaluate your knowledge and make out any weak points. Additionally, it will help you measure your confidence level.


So, these are the tips that you need to follow to prepare for the Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads AZ-120 exam preparation. Microsoft Azure is the preeminent player in the cloud industry, and following its accelerated development, now is the time to build a career in the IT field. So, why wait? Follow the tips mentioned above, take as many AZ-120 practice tests as possible, pass the exam, and obtain the sought-after Microsoft certification!

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