CPDSE Certification: One of the Best Data Privacy Certification

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What is CDPSE Certification?

CPDSE - Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer is a certification that evaluates a security professional's skills to execute privacy by design, which outgrowths in the creation of platforms and products that create and advance data privacy. ISACA CDPSE is the first experience-based data privacy certification of its type.

CDPSE Exam Details

Still, as with most certifications, the exam is necessary to the experience of the CDPSE certification. The exam lasts for 210 minutes and comprises 120 multiple-choice questions. The exam includes three CDPSE work-related domains in the following proportions:

  • Privacy Governance: 34%
  • Privacy architecture: 36%
  • Data life cycle: 30%

Target Audience

If you're an IT professional involved in creating and implementing technical privacy solutions, these certifications are perfect for you.

Examples of IT job roles the CDPSE would be suitable for include:

  • Privacy engineer

  • Privacy advisor

  • Privacy analyst

  • Lead software engineer – data and system privacy

  • Security and privacy engineer

  • Consultant - Security and privacy

  • Lead privacy manager

  • Software engineer backend privacy engineering

  • Engineer management - privacy engineering

  • Domain architect – legal care compliance, privacy

  • Privacy solutions architect

  • Information security engineer

  • User data protection

How to Prepare for the ISACA CDPSE Exam — 5 Steps To Follow

To become ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer, follow the tips mentioned below to make preparation work the right way.

1. Browse the Official ISACA Website

If you have determined to go for ISACA CDPSE Certification, then the first and foremost thing an applicant has to do is to go through the official website. On the official webpage, you can get all the details regarding this certification exam. Moreover, you can also know the exam domains, types of questions, and preparation resources.

2. Obtain Appropriate Study Materials

Get study materials from verifiable sources. You can get many learning resources on the ISACA website. You can also get study resources from reliable online platforms. There are a variety of study resources available such as training courses, study guides, articles and forums, and practice tests.

3. Watch Videos

Watching a few of the good videos for the ISACA CDPSE certification exam will be helpful. It will also save you a lot of time to read the documentation (some of you may find reading grueling or dull).

4. Actively Participate in an Online Community

Join an online community or study forum for sharing your knowledge and doubts with other group members. You can also use group members' experience to clear the CDPSE exam in a shorter time span.

5. Take CDPSE Practice Test

Gauge your knowledge online with the help of a practice test. Once you have learned all the exam objectives thoroughly, it's time to evaluate your knowledge in a timed context.

Practice tests implicate the exam pattern and make you familiar with the exam context, helping you accord with the time limitations. Edusum.com provides the best full-length CDPSE practice tests.

Reasons to Obtain ISACA CPDSE Certification

There are many reasons that exist for professionals to work hard for the ISACA CPDSE certification, and here are a few of the most common.

Reason 1: Stand Out From the Crowd with CPDSE Certification

ISACA CPDSE certification helps you stand out in a crowd of other applicants. Holding CPDSE certification is an excellent way to prove that your knowledge is prevailing and relevant. ISACA certifications have high standards. As such, it is not simple to pass the CDPSE exam without thorough preparation. Moreover, it expects you to master the practical application of the material. Attaining CDPSE certification will include acquiring several hard and soft skills.

Reason 2: Beef up Your Resume With CDPSE Certification

This one is a piece of cake. You can add more value to your profile by adding an ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer certification to your resume. Employers are hiring certified professionals over non-certified professionals.

Reason 3: Internal Promotion

Identical to the previous point, during an internal promotion or little career change, CPDSE certification can be of great help. This is because certification proves that you have knowledge or skill in the field and are prepared to put the time and effort into the data privacy field. And these are the peculiarities of above-average employees that every respectable organization will be ready to reward.

Reason 4: Always Prepared

Better prepare for essential duties, e.g., be able to accomplish tasks as a lately appointed data protection officer or a compliance officer accountable for a privacy program.

Reason 5. Proof of Your Skills

Assure that an organization's personnel knows a topic in-depth, or at least have been presented to all the analytical issues involved. This is particularly important when an organization applies to a tender.

In such cases, the requester will commonly list some certifications being at least desirable, and more often than not, even required. Not having competent employees on your team might lead to fewer points in the directive process.

Reason 6: Assurance for Clients

ISACA CDPSE certification help proves knowledge about the subject matter and reassures customers when utilizing the organization's services.


As data privacy becomes even more important to businesses and organizations, CDPSE certification has become increasingly critical for advisory professionals. Following the tips mentioned above can help you get a head start in your journey towards getting an ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer certification. Whether you opt for self-study or take the CDPSE practice test on Edusum.com, staying focused and persistent will make this vital addition of skill to your resume happen.

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