5 Essential Tips for Passing the ISACA CISA Exam

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CISA is an abbreviated form of Certified Information Systems Auditor. CISA certificate is suitable for individuals who have a have an interest in information systems auditing, control, and security. CISA is a professional certification which is provided by the ISACA. This certification is globally known and is accepted by many companies.

CISA exam is conducted twice a year by ISACA it takes place in June and December. CISA is a paper-based exam, and individuals who want to make this exam need proper preparation and have to plan at an early stage to gain a thorough understanding of the topics of CISA examination. To grow eligibility for the exam, CISA aspirants must agree to adhere to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)’s Code of Professional Ethics. They have to provide evidence that they have a strong five years of professional experience in IS auditing, control, or security work.

To clear CISA exam in your very first attempt you need to give yourself...

  • At least 2 to 3 months of preparation time to obtain a complete understanding of the subject.
  • If you are not sure about yourself and need some more time to prepare you can book your exam in any of the 2 given exam slots.
  • It is advisable to refer various books apart from official CISA manual.

‚ÄčIn this article, we will talk about the preparation methods and tips that will help CISA aspirants to pass their exam in their first attempt.

1) Plan Your Exam Early

Individuals who want to write CISA certification exam have to plan early, as this exam needs proper preparation to understand the CISA concepts and clear the exam in the first attempt. It is always suggested that the individual start their preparation 3 to 4 months before their exam date. For instance, if you are planning to take the exam in December, then you should begin your preparation from August or September. CISA candidates must chalk out a timetable and dedicate few hours for their CISA preparation. They have to stick to their schedule to cover all the topics of CISA. 

2) Refer ISACA Review Manual

It is recommended that the individuals are planning to attempt the ISACA CISA Certification exam refer to the Review Manual of ISACA, for the year you are planning to take the exam. It is also suggested that participants apply other books for a solid understanding of CISA concepts. But first preference is given to the Review Manual from ISACA. 

3) Join a Review Course

It is recommended that the CISA individuals attend review courses conducted by the volunteers. This will be helpful for the exam takers as they will obtain in-depth information about the subject and it will be useful for them to clear the CISA exam. By attending ISACA CISA training sessions, they will also come across some techniques, and tips that will be helpful for them in their exam preparation.

4) Think as an accountant

It's essential that the exam takers start thinking like an accountant. By doing this, they will emerge assessing qualities which can be helpful to understand the question. Most of the CISA professionals who take this exam either come from accounting background or financial services industry. So if you make this as a habit, then it would help you to judge the correct answer.

5) Take Practice Tests

It is vital that the individuals focus on practice tests that are available on ''edusum.com'' Individuals must try to get the question and also must be able to justify why this answer is correct for this question. By assessing CISA Questions in this manner, they will know why this question is asked and why this answer is relevant to this question. In other words, they should not learn the questions and answers, as there is every possibility that the same question can be asked differently. So it is suggested that the individual understands the concept of the question than memorizing answer for it. By taking regular CISA practice tests, you will come across various content areas covered in the exam. 

At the End

Though CISA exam is considered to be hard, you can clear this exam with ease if you prepare thoroughly for the exam and cover all the CISA Syllabus topics. If you have obtained thorough knowledge on CISA subject, you can pass this exam with flying colors.

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