Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration (VCS-261) Exam Syllabus

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The Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in InfoScale domain. The Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) - InfoScale Storage exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration - UNIX/Linux.

Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration Exam Summary:

Exam Name Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) - InfoScale Storage
Exam Code VCS-261
Exam Price $225 (USD)
Duration 105 mins
Number of Questions 75-85
Passing Score 70%
Books / Training Veritas InfoScale Storage 8.0 for UNIX/Linux: Administration
Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.3 for UNIX/Linux: Advanced Administration
Schedule Exam Veritas
Sample Questions Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration Sample Questions
Practice Exam Veritas VCS-261 Certification Practice Exam

Veritas VCS-261 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details
Overview and Architecture - Define the types, purpose, and benefits of storage virtualization.
- Define the benefits and components of Veritas InfoScale Storage for UNIX/Linux including Storage Foundation and Storage Foundation Cluster File System with Volume Manager, File System, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware, Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager, Storage Foundation for databases, Veritas File Replicator, and Veritas Volume Replicator
- Identify InfoScale Storage physical and virtual objects.
- Demonstrate an understanding of advanced InfoScale Storage architectures including Flexible Storage Sharing and replicating solutions.
Installation and Configuration - Demonstrate the ability to install, license, upgrade, and configure InfoScale Storage for UNIX/Linux using the common product installer (CPI).
- Demonstrate understanding of the InfoScale Storage Command Line Interface (CLI) and Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM).
- Describe how to add disks and create local and clustered disk groups.
- Describe how to create and delete concatenated, striped, mirrored, RAID-5, and layered volumes.
- Describe how to create and configure local and clustered Veritas File Systems.
- Describe how to configure volumes by adding mirrors and logs.
Managing and Reporting - Describe how to perform file system administration.
- Describe how InfoScale Storage supports thin provisioning, including thin reclamation.
- Describe how to perform basic troubleshooting and recovery to address InfoScale Storage failures.
- Manage, monitor, and report on an InfoScale Storage environment using Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM).
- Identify the InfoScale Storage tools used to monitor and analyze performance.
- Describe how to perform online administrative tasks for Veritas Volume Manager.
- Describe how the kernel components manage the InfoScale Storage architecture.
- Describe how to administer Dynamic MultiPathing for storage management and reporting.
- Describe how to manage InfoScale Storage snapshots and storage checkpoints, including checkpoint visibility and checkpoint auto-mounting.
- Identify the file systems that would benefit from File System data compression and deduplication features and describe how to use them.
- Describe how to configure the Site Awareness feature of InfoScale Storage.
- Define the InfoScale Storage capabilities for Storage Tiering using SmartTier.
- Describe how to configure and manage SmartIO.

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