Microsoft Customer Service (MB-230) Certification Sample Questions

Customer Service Dumps, MB-230 Dumps, MB-230 PDF, Customer Service VCE, Microsoft MB-230 VCE, Microsoft Customer Service PDFThe purpose of this Sample Question Set is to provide you with information about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant exam. These sample questions will make you very familiar with both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the MB-230 certification test. To get familiar with real exam environment, we suggest you try our Sample Microsoft Customer Service Certification Practice Exam. This sample practice exam gives you the feeling of reality and is a clue to the questions asked in the actual Microsoft Certified - Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate certification exam.

These sample questions are simple and basic questions that represent likeness to the real Microsoft MB-230 exam questions. To assess your readiness and performance with real time scenario based questions, we suggest you prepare with our Premium Microsoft Customer Service Certification Practice Exam. When you solve real time scenario based questions practically, you come across many difficulties that give you an opportunity to improve.

Microsoft MB-230 Sample Questions:

01. A company uses Omnichannel for Customer Service. You are configuring the chat channel. You need to display a set of survey questions when a conversation ends in the chat window. What should you use?
a) Macro
b) Power Automate cloud flow
c) Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey
d) Power Virtual Agents chatbot topic with an end of conversation node
02. A company configures a custom table in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You need to configure a service-level agreement (SLA) for the custom table. What should you do first?
a) Configure operating hours.
b) Configure holiday calendars.
c) Create an SLA KPI for the custom table.
d) Enable SLAs on the custom table.
03. A company uses Dynamics 365 Customer Service to manage cases. The company uses parent and child cases. Child cases must automatically resolve when the parent case is resolved. You need to set up the automatic resolution of child cases. What should you do?
a) Configure the case closure preference.
b) Set the maximum number of child cases.
c) Configure parent-to-child case attribute inheritance.
d) Create an automatic record creation and update rule.
04. A company uses Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys to capture customer feedback. You need to configure satisfaction metrics to measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Which type of question should you create?
a) Text
b) Likert
c) Rating
d) Net Promoter Score (NPS)
05. You need to enable relevance search for the custom entity. Which two actions should you perform?
Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
a) Add Quick Find to the case form.
b) Add custom entities to Configure Relevance Search in Customizations and Entities.
c) Add Knowledge Base Search control to the forms case.
d) Enable Relevance Search in System Settings.
06. You are using Dynamics 365 Customer Service to create and activate entitlements. Customer service representatives state that the entitlement status is set to Waiting, and they cannot use the entitlement. You must ensure customer service representatives can use the entitlement.
You need to identify the entitlement issue.What is the cause of the issue?
a) The start date of the entitlement is in the future.
b) The Products or Contact field values have not been configured before activation.
c) The entitlement has expired and is awaiting renewal.
d) The end date of the entitlement has been incorrectly configured to a date that has already passed.
07. A company uses Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Customers recently completed a satisfaction survey. You need to review the positive, negative, and neutral response metrics in a chart based on the survey results. Which chart should you review?
a) Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
b) Sentiment
c) Custom score
d) Net Promoter Score (NPS)
08. You are a Dynamics 365 Customer Service administrator. Emails are automatically converted to cases. Users report that emails are no longer being converted to cases. What is the possible cause?
a) The Dynamics Flow process is not running.
b) Your user ID does not have permission to run the process effectively.
c) The workflow process has been deactivated.
d) The solution has not been published.
09. You are a customer service schedule administrator. A customer has a custom entity that requires its own schedule board. You need to create the schedule board. You configure the custom entity in the Resource Scheduling parameters. What should you do next?
a) Add a new resource requirement. Add a new view for the custom entity.
b) Change the default entity name to the custom name. Create a new schedule board for the custom entity.
c) Disable the schedule board. Configure Resource Scheduling Optimization.
d) Configure the booking metadata. Create a new schedule board for the custom entity.
10. A company uses Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You are configuring service-level agreements (SLAs). You must configure the business hours to use for SLA calculations. Which table should you edit to link to the business hours record?
a) SLA
b) SLA Item
d) SLA KPI Instance


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: d
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: b

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