Dell EMC Backup Recovery Solutions Design (E20-329) Certification Sample Questions

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Dell EMC E20-329 Sample Questions:

01. An EMC NetWorker customer's environment consists of four VMware ESXi hosts with 20 virtual machines on each ESXi host. One of the ESXi hosts will be used for backing up NMM clients and one of the ESXi hosts will be used for backing up NMDA clients. How many Virtual Edition Client Connection licenses are required?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 20
d) 80
02. What is a reason for implementing EMC Data Protection Advisor (DPA) in a DPA clustered architecture?
a) Restrict customer access to specific DPA application nodes
b) Use virtual machines for all DPA application servers
c) Power up a standby DPA application server automatically
d) Enable replication between DPA application servers
03. A customer wants a data protection solution that will provide efficient use of storage and bandwidth. Which Dell EMC Data Domain technology feature addresses the requirement?
a) Reduplicated data is used for high replication speeds to multiple targets
b) Global deduplication reduces the total amount of stored data
c) Deduplicated data is sent to the client during restore operations
d) Each backup job maintains its own deduplication
04. A customer has recently added a Celerra to their environment and has asked you to assess their current data protection methodology. They currently have an EMC Networker environment using an EMC Disk Library (EDL) as the primary backup location before they move the virtual tapes to physical tapes.
How over, the rate of change of the data on the Celerra is too high for their RPO using the EDL for single file recovery if their backups are performed only at the end of the business day.
What would you incorporate to lessen the impact of their once-a-day backup schedule on the Celerra data with minimal impact to their backup administration processes?
a) Implement Snap Sure to make point-in-time copies of the file systems more frequently to recover individual files when requested ad perform full system backups at the end of the day
b) Configure a local tape device on the primary Data Mover and use NDMP incrementally back up the file system more frequently than the once-a-day full backup
c) Replicate the source data to a remote target using Replicator and use the target data as both file recovery and backup source
d) Create an internal SVTLU on the primary Data Mover and use NDMP2D to incrementally back up the file system more frequently than the once-a-day full backup
05. You are responsible for designing a new Dell EMC NetWorker solution that will be implemented in a large customer environment. You have begun reviewing the sizing requirements for the NetWorker server. Which factor(s) impacts the size of the Jobs database the most?
a) Number of monitored NetWorker servers and the frequency of workflow operations
b) Number of configured workflows
c) Number of clients backing up concurrently
d) Number of savesets and labeled volumes
06. A new customer is using EMC NetWorker to manage backup and recovery within their environment. They would like to have all backup data go to Advanced File Type devices and be spread across the four devices that they are currently using.
The customer wants to use an additional device for new streams once there are eight running on a single device Backups should not queue if another device is unavailable. Which parameter should be set?
a) Savegroup Parallelism
b) Pool Parallelism
c) Max Sessions
d) Target Sessions
07. A customer is considering the use of offsite physical tape vaulting rotation for compliance purposes. What is a key concern to discuss with the customer?
a) Additional resources needed during the backup window for the production data
b) Amount of tape media is twice as large as the actual production data size
c) Inefficient tape media utilization when adhering to time-regulated timetables
d) Media retention is always three times the length of the RPO value
08. A customer requires a backup host to be located at their primary data center and a tape library at their disaster recovery data center. The distance between the two data centers is 500 kilometers.
What is the recommended connectivity solution between the data center and the tape library to address the customer’s requirement?
a) Fibre Channel-to-IP bridge or router
b) Fibre Channel inter-swith link
c) Dedicated Fibre Channel link
d) Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
09. A customer has asked you to design a backup solution that has a NAS device with several terabytes of encrypted data spread across three different file systems. Which backup option should be avoided in this environment?
a) Multiplexing
c) Hot or online backup
d) De-duplication
10. An EMC NetWorker customer has been using an EMC Disk Library (EDL) for over 4 years. The EDL has reached its capacity limits. The customer is in the process of virtualizing as many physical servers as possible to reclaim data center floor space. They are backing up numerous 8 TB databases.
The customer is interested in replacing the EDL. The replacement must maintain a single point of backup administration and reduce backup times for their growing virtualized environment. What is the recommended solution?
a) Add a de-duplication Storage Node to NetWorker for VMware backups and replace the EDL with Data Domain for large databases
b) Add an Avamar Data Store for VMware backups with Data Domain under NetWorker for physical servers and large databases
c) Add Data Domain for de-duplication under NetWorker to replace the EDL for VMware and Avamar for database backups
d) Add Data Domain under NetWorker to replace the EDL for VMware and a de-duplication Storage Node for database backups


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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