LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Certification Worth It

How to prepare for LPI DevOps Tools Engineer (701-100) Exam

Master DevOps Tools with LPI DevOps Tools Engineer 701-100 Certification

The Information Technology sector has reached a point of maturity in the DevOps movement. The principles underlying DevOps are widely comprehended, and an increasing number of tools are emerging to facilitate the application of these principles. This blog will specifically address the LPI DevOps Tools Engineer (701-100) Certification exam.

LPIC DevOps Tools Engineer (701-100) Certification Overview

The LPI DevOps Tools Engineer certification demonstrates expertise in implementing DevOps methodologies, effectively employing open-source tools, and streamlining processes for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Industries widely acknowledge this certification as a validation of proficiency in service deployment, code development, and version control systems.

To obtain the DevOps Tools Engineer certification, one must successfully complete the 701-100 exam. The LPI 701-100 exam lasts for 90 minutes and includes 60 questions, which are a mix of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank format. The exam is offered in both English and Japanese languages.

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