How to Pass AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam?

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As digital transformation steps up in the new standard of remote work and the volume and complexity of cyber threats grow, Microsoft AZ-500 guarantees these certified professionals can thoroughly secure their Azure environments. With surveys that over 98% of organizations are moving to multi-cloud platforms by 2021, organizations having AZ-500 certified professionals can guarantee that security teams can protect this critical infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Exam Details

Though AZ-500 is an associate-level exam, you need to be familiar with implementing security controls, securing data, and some others to opt for it. You can get a complete list of these prerequisites on the official website, but actually, these skills are only required to aid you through preparation.

AZ-500 Exam focuses on the following domains:

  • Management of identity and access (30-35%)

  • Implementation of platform protection (15-20%)

  • Management of security operations (25-30%)

  • Securing data and applications (20-25%)

It is vital to note that the above-mentioned topics include many sub-topics, so to get the complete details of the AZ-500 exam topics, click here.

This Microsoft exam comprises 40-60 questions of different types and has a duration of 120 minutes. You can register for the exam on the Pearson VUE platform. Now you can write the exam in one of the official centers or at home in a quiet environment.

Who is the Intended Audience for AZ-500 Exam?

The Microsoft Azure security innovations are designed for experts who are employed in the jobs of safety architects and who manage the security highlights and administrations of hierarchical information, applications, and business. This certification supports the presentation of such professionals and helps them with researching and complete cures and answers for security gaps.

Moreover, it helps them with working among a bigger populace of security and insurance control groups dedicated to cloud-based security and frameworks applications. In light of an origin to finish foundation, they furthermore get performed to crossover conditions as a piece of the examination.

How to Study for the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam?

For the applicants who have thoroughly prepared for this certification exam, it’s quite easy to pass it. It is possible to get through Microsoft AZ-500 smoothly if you have the right resources for exam preparation. Here is a list of some resources that will help you pass the test with the least difficulty.

1. Online Free Learning Paths

Microsoft offers these six courses you can take up at your own convenience. In other words, it’s an excellent way of self-study that can help you path your progress and move systematically according to the examination content.

2. Instructor-Led Learning

Course AZ-500T00-A: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies is a paid training course led by experienced Microsoft security experts. This course will help you learn the theoretical material and enhance your hands-on skills under the instructors’ supervision.

3. Azure Architecture Center

If you want to expand your knowledge about Azure architecting solutions, this is the best place to acquire knowledge. On this platform, you will get guides and instructions on working with Microsoft Azure and look into best practices and patterns.

4. AZ-500 Practice Test

Practice test is an excellent means for becoming familiar with the exam structure and type of questions. You can evaluate your preparedness with the AZ-500 practice test provided by Microsoft or accessible on

Advantages of Taking AZ-500 Practice Test

Being prepared is vital to stay directed and achieve the desired score in the exam. Nowadays, competition is intensely growing, and staying ahead of your peers demands thoughtful planning in your AZ-500 exam preparation. Taking the AZ-500 practice test on is a more intelligent way to get a flying score in the exam. Following are some of the advantages of taking practice test:

1. Evaluate Performance

Performing practice test is a great way to evaluate your performance. The more practice questions you answer, the more prepared you will feel for the actual exam. You will also come to know about the strong and weak areas you need to work on.

2. Immediate Result

The best feature of practice tests offered by is that you get the immediate result of your test. This way, applicants can know about mistakes they have made and correct them quickly, thus boost learning.

3. Enhance Efficiency

When you work hard, you will get great benefits from your hard work. As Microsoft certification exams are deemed to be challenging, you have to work hard to pass them. Once you begin practice tests, you will become familiar with the exam structure and type of questions. This will enhance your efficiency.

4. Best Revision Tool

While learning something once may help you perceive the exam topics, revising it again allows you to grasp them in a better way. The more you answer AZ-500 practice questions, the better your possibilities are to perform in the actual exam. Practice tests on edusum website help in a complete revision of exam syllabus topics.

5. Improve Confidence

Applicants who have an explicit familiarity with their strengths and weakness can allocate time to difficult areas and take steps to better themselves. Online practice tests also help applicants figure out where they stand, which motivates them to accomplish their goals.

6. Extremely Cost-Effective

Practice tests on the edusum website are highly cost-effective. You can get to practice plenty of questions at a very less cost. And you can take practice tests at your own comfort and pace.

Reasons to Go for the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam

Microsoft is among the most renowned organization that offers certification courses in the cloud computing field. AZ-500 certification exam is an associate-level exam, remarkable for beginners aspiring to get into the IT field. The certification is best suited for applicants who have prior information on advanced security, just as working experience of Microsoft Azure. As cloud security is important for both business and individual clients, it has expanded the security job market—consequently, an addition in the condition for certified Azure Security Engineer Associates.

Microsoft Azure is the only cloud service provider which grants applicants a role based-certifications that are peculiarly planned by the business prerequisites and job roles.


The IT field is known for its ever-changing nature, so you need to know the most advanced innovations and technologies. That is why earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification will make you a leading professional in many IT departments. So, go ahead and crack your AZ-500 exam to get certified soon and enjoy the excellent career benefits!

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