How to Get a Successful Mark for Microsoft Certification Exam AZ-600?

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Azure Certifications are one of the industry's most sought-after IT Certification exams. This article talks about Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub - AZ-600 certification. The AZ-600 certification exam is an associate-level certification that confirms your Microsoft Azure Stack Hub expertise by configuring and operating a hybrid cloud.

Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub: AZ 600 exam is best suited for the Azure administrators or Azure Stack Hub operators who deliver cloud services to end users or clients using Azure Stack Hub.

Overview of Microsoft AZ-600 Certification

Microsoft Azure AZ-600 exam comprises 40-60 questions that need to be finished in 120 minutes. The Microsoft Azure AZ-600 exam questions are of different types, such as scenario-based single-answer questions, arranged in the correct sequence type questions, multiple-choice questions, mark review, drag & drop questions, and drag-drop type questions. An applicant must score at least 700 or more out of 1000. Further, the Microsoft AZ-600 exam costs $165 and can only be given in English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), German, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian (Indonesia) languages.

Domains covered in Microsoft AZ-600 certification

  • Plan and deploy Azure Stack Hub (30–35%)

  • Provide services (20–25%)

  • Manage infrastructure (40–45%)

Microsoft AZ-600 Certification Exam: Tips for Passing

Passing Microsoft certification exams aren't a cakewalk for individuals. Microsoft has retained the education standards high to discover only brilliant professionals and representatives who shall be masters in their field when they hold Microsoft certification.

You need to prepare for the AZ-600 exam using the best methods so that you can get through it. Here are the tips for passing this Microsoft Azure Stack Hub AZ-600 exam:

1. Try Your Hands on Microsoft Azure

As the AZ-600 exam is related to the program created by Microsoft, more than having theoretical knowledge is needed. Exam-takers must be constantly knowledgeable about the program and informed about it to learn its working thoroughly. As an outcome, the emphasis should be more on working with the Azure solutions and learning them. Candidates who have already worked on Azure solutions do well in the exams.

2. Take Training Course

If you are someone who has never had experience using Microsoft Azure solutions but requires Microsoft Certified - Azure Stack Hub Operator Associate certification – the path is the training course. The training course makes you understand the program's working in the right manner. Training courses are the best option for all your exam-related issues. They can teach you a large range of content in less time. Microsoft offers ''Course AZ-600T00: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub'' for thorough AZ-600 exam preparation.

3. Obtain Study Guides

There ought to be more than just studying for the exam through just one material. Try to learn from multiple resources to have a solid grasp of the exam concepts. Obtain appropriate study guides for thorough learning. This improves knowledge and provides authenticity.

4. Take AZ-600 Practice Tests

There is no option to this. Try to take as many practice tests as possible before the AZ-600 exam to become familiar with the exam pattern and environment. Microsoft AZ-600 practice tests qualify you for the actual exams! So, to obtain the exam material and, more significantly, things that help you to pass Microsoft AZ-600, you can go to

Proven Hacks for Microsoft AZ-600 Exam

Here are some proven and tested tips. If you follow them, you will be able to pass the exam smoothly.

  • In the course of exam preparation, try to learn each exam objective in detail. It is essential since the exam content is based on the objectives which will be evaluated.

  • Do not concentrate on only one study material; try to get more by learning from various platforms and resources. If you have a solid grasp and information over a definite AZ-600 exam topic, you can only answer without any flaws.

  • You can dive into an ocean of knowledge by learning from books. Hence, try to understand as much as possible and understand it entirely.

  • The ideal way to learn is to write the important topics down or make notes, which, when you pick later, will make your revision more straightforward.

  • First, fix a target for your study schedule and then try to work for it. As soon as you find your pace, make objectives you must have accomplished at the end of each day/week.

  • The AZ-600 exam contains various questions, from easy to difficult ones. It must also include case studies, which will gauge your knowledge. Therefore, take practice tests to understand how the exam will be.

  • Schedule your exam well in advance to avoid any disaster by the end. Give your best, Feel confident, and stay optimistic.


To be an expert in Azure Stack Hub infrastructure, you must pass the Microsoft AZ-600. To prepare for this Microsoft certification exam, you must equip yourself with the best study materials such as books, study resources like a training course, and study guides, and also take practice tests from the edusum website. Get Microsoft certified today and boost your worth in the IT job market! Just keep up with the rapidly developing IT world.

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