Easy Steps to Deliver High Results in the Microsoft MS-740 Certification Exam

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Microsoft MS-740 exam is the only exam required to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Support Engineer Specialty Certification. Applicants for this Microsoft exam are support engineers who use innovative troubleshooting techniques to promote Microsoft Teams environments, review telemetry and log data, troubleshoot deployments, and tune performance. Applicants are expected to check logs and other data, infer an issue's root cause, and deliver a fix.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 exam measures your skill to troubleshoot the following technical tasks: Microsoft Teams voice problems, Microsoft Teams meetings and live events, signing into Microsoft Teams, federation issues, teams and channels, and files. Moreover, applicants should have meaningful acquaintance with unified communications and practical experience with Microsoft Teams. The intended audience for this Microsoft exam is engineers who support:

  • To begin with, Microsoft Teams environments

  • troubleshoot deployments

  • tune performance

  • Collect and analyze telemetry and log data and manage Team's environments.

Microsoft MS-740 Exam Information

  • Exam Name: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

  • Exam Code: MS-740

  • Number of Questions: 40-60

  • Language: English

  • Vendor: Microsoft

  • Exam Format: No specific exam formats or question types before the exam.

  • Exam Fee: 165 USD

Easy Steps to Deliver High Results in the Microsoft MS-740 Certification Exam

If you have the proper study resources to prepare for the exam, passing the Microsoft MS-740 certification exam will not come through the struggle. First, you need to understand the topics to get you closer to acquiring the passing score. Apart from that, here are some tips to help you pass the Microsoft MS-740 exam.

1. Enroll in a Training Course

You should start by taking a training course to understand the exam concepts and skills to get the certification. Last day cramming will not help you pass Microsoft exams; you need to spend three to four hours. Many platforms provide instructor-led training courses for MS-740 exam preparation. Thus, you will get that one-on-one experience that you need for proficiency in the MS-740 syllabus topics. In this case, you will ask queries and get solutions from a seasoned professional.

2. Obtain Appropriate Study Guide

Study guides are valuable resources when it comes to Microsoft exam preparation. All Microsoft exams have official study guides, and they focus on the critical aspects of the exam to give you complete information on what you require to know before taking it. The study guide for Microsoft MS-740 will help you structure your preparation in a structured way. You can depend on this type of prep tool to thoroughly prepare for the Microsoft exam. The objective of these tutorials is to direct your steps in terms of the areas you should concentrate on. This lets you know how to study at every stage of your preparation journey, thereby increasing your odds of passing the exam with a flying score.

3. Join the Online Communities or Forums

The advantage of becoming an active member of an online community or study forum is meeting with like-minded people with the same objective. This provides an environment that helps you share ideas and get the most recent information about the MS-740 exam. If you have any doubts, this is the best place to put them across because members have already passed the exam and succeeded. You will also get helpful tips on studying for the Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams exam. If you think that you are lacking somewhere, you will gain valuable advice on how to get it correct through your participation in this community. The certified members can inform you on many aspects you didn't know previously.

4. Take Microsoft MS-740 Practice Test

Practice tests are the best tool to prepare for any certification exam. They challenge you to train your mind to answer the questions you are inclined to face in the actual exam. You will be familiar with the exam structure and the environment. Moreover, you will perceive the topics you need to work upon based on your challenges when answering specific MS-740 exam questions. Edusum.com is a reliable platform that provides MS-740 practice tests. Successfully performing the MS-740 practice test helps you strengthen your confidence as you take the actual exam.


While these tips will certainly help you crack the Microsoft MS-740 exam, the primary purpose of the exam has always been to provide you with knowledge and skills that'll help you become a trustworthy Microsoft 365 Certified - Teams Support Engineer Specialty. One way to do this is by following seasoned IT specialists to find out more about the world of IT.

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