CompTIA Network+ Certification: Your Passport to a Successful Career in Networking

IT Certification Exams allow you to demonstrate your skill instantly and smoothly in a way that hiring managers recognize. CompTIA certifications are recognized across the world for their true measure of knowledge and skill, and this surely remains true when it comes to the CompTIA Network+ Certification. This is a certification that is a mark of a true professional.

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Many IT seeking professionals tend to give this exam for their first step or the starting phase of their career. Not only obtaining Network+ certified will help you get a great job but also help you get a good amount of money. Because of the growing nature of the IT field, job opportunities are increasing too. As a result, different people are earning this certification. Not only students but experts and IT professionals also are obtaining this certification to prove their knowledge. Achieving this certification would assure you that you are a verified technician who can carry out the responsibilities competently.

Why Become CompTIA Network+ Certified?

The IT field is mostly tracked by students, professionals, and experts. Getting Network+ certification normally has several advantages for the different categories of people. Students tend to earn the certification to boost their career, while the experts to obtain the certification for the same reason. However, the IT professionals who have already been working in the field favor to get certified to strengthen their skills. One of the most remarkable benefits is that earning a certification would help in adding a star to the CV. Since it CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral, the IT professionals are in great demand in the IT.

Most of the huge multinational companies and organizations throughout the world looking for certified professionals than the non-certified ones. CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification certify that you have the essential knowledge to satisfy the needs of the developing and evolving IT field. Also, the pay for certified professionals is relatively higher than those of non-certified peers. Beyond that, some of the other benefits of earning the CompTIA Network+ certification include:

You will be Unique

Earning a CompTIA Network+ certification assures that you are ahead and distinct from the group. Not many people who sit for the exam can pass as it demands proper dedication and skills. Since you become certified, you are sure to have distinct skills than others. Also, you have the approval for what you have to say. Certification of passing the Network+ is a brilliant addition to your CV. With such a quality assurance professional resume, you can quickly get a job in the huge multinational companies. Many IT professionals in the Networking domain have CompTIA certification.

Brilliant Career Opportunities

The IT field is evolving as each passing day. The development in the IT world is creating more job opportunities for people. This development in the field needs to be filled in by the professionals. Several studies have stated that about millions of jobs are available on a global scale for the IT filed. Apart from it, the networking sector in IT is one of the most productive ones. So, becoming CompTIA Network+ certified will help you plunge into the high-paying jobs of the networking sector.

Higher salary

The IT field is one of those industries where the unemployment ratio is very low. Also, you receive a good amount of money to become an IT professional. On the national average level, contrary to the other job sectors, the IT field gives a quite higher amount of money to their employees. The IT professionals are in great demand around the US. As per the reports and data of the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the job opportunities in the IT field will increase by 17% by 2022.

Multinational and Governmental Jobs

IT professionals are not only sought after in the private sector but also in the government sector. For anyone who desires to receive a good IT job in the government field, should prefer earning the certification. This is because the government is more likely to provide the job to certified professionals over to the non-certified ones. The networking sector is one of the most complex industries, which is why individuals need to be highly skilled and performative. To ensure the security of all the documents and cloud computing services, the government sectors want the professionals. Also, giant multinational giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, tend to hire the Network+ certified professionals for their networking jobs.

The Ultimate Guide for CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam

Before you begin preparing for the exams, there is a list of things you should prepare. This will turn out to be helpful for you in the long run.

Overview of the CompTIA Network+ Syllabus

The official website of the CompTIA offers an updated and renewed syllabus for the Network+ N10-007 exam. You should download the PDF for the exam before you start your exam preparation. It would be best if you go through it to determine that you are familiar with the contents that will be coming in the actual exam.

Prepare a Study Schedule

Having a proper study schedule will help you obtain a good score in your Network+ exam. After you have got the syllabus, you should prepare an everyday routine for your study. You can split the individual chapters into specific days and then continue to be preparing for the exam.

Prepare in Small Sessions

One of the major mistakes that people usually make is leaving out the chapters for afterward. It would help if you never did that. Rather, you should start preparing for your exams from the beginning and read in small sessions. Accumulating everything for once will make you confused, and you wouldn’t be able to study in the right way.

Set up a Lab

Apart from theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is essential too. So, you should build a small lab in your house which you no longer use. You should explore its parts and the association between hardware and software. This will make you conversant with networking.

Take CompTIA Network+ Practice Tests

Many online websites offer CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam questions and answers. You can practice the questions to prepare yourself for the exam. This will hence help you in measuring your skills and refining your knowledge.


CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam is one of the most difficult exams because of the complex networking sector. Though, you can still pass the exam with thorough dedication and knowledge. As the exam is important as a study tool and for a job reference. Getting familiar with the entire concept can help you design your own IT career.

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