I was not disappointed

I want to thank EDUSUM for their 010 - 160 dumps for the professional Linux Essentials Exam.
EDUSUM said their research showed that if you are getting 100% with their practice dumps, you can expect to score 85% upwards in the real exam. I scored 750 out of 800!  I took my exams today and I have received my certificate.
I had gone through some other dump questions for the same exam, trying to decide which one to settle for. Two things helped me settle for EDUSUM: 
i)   there were no wrongly rendered symbols in their questions that I saw in others
ii)   One particular question that I saw was wrong, and was repeatedly marked as right in the other dumps, EDUSUM gave the correct answer. That really impressed me.
I have enjoyed going through the questions, reviewing my results, and building up my understanding and knowledge-base.
Thank you very much.