ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP Certification Sample Questions

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ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP Sample Questions:

01. Which networking technologies are particularly suspectable to Remote Code Execution (REC) attack?
a) Centralized
b) Hybrid
d) IoT
02. Keccak is a cryptographic solution found in what implementation?
a) Secure hash algorithm (SHA1)
b) Secure hash algorithm (SHA3)
c) RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message Digest-160 (RIPEMD-160)
d) Message digest (MD6)
03. Security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is:
a) Impossible
b) Always configured
c) Sometimes configured
d) Not necessary
04. What type of malware is Petya?
a) A virus
b) A worm
c) Spyware
d) Ransomware
05. Monitoring privileged accounts is a crucial element. Which of the following is NOT considered to be in this group?
a) Mainframe operators
b) Auditors
c) Database administrators
d) System administrators
06. When notifying stakeholders, what media would NOT be considered as sufficient?
a) Direct communication (email) with all affected parties
b) Social media
c) The corporate website
d) Direct communication with the press
07. The core of identity management surrounds the AAA triad. What does this refer to?
a) Auditing, Availability, Accountability
b) Availability, Authorization and Authentication
c) Authentication, Accessibility and Availability
d) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
08. You are the owner of a small, local shop. You accept both cash and credit cards for payment of goods. Are you required to be payment card industry (PCI) compliant?
a) No, PCI only applies to large, multi-location, organizations
b) Yes, compliance is required for all merchants
c) No, PCI only applies to credit card companies
d) No, PCI only applies to banks
09. Open Authorization (OAuth) is an open source, token-based authorization framework. Currently there are two versions: OAuth v1.0 and v2.0. Which of the following statements is correct?
a) Version 2.0 uses user-based tokens
b) Version 2.0 uses digital signing
c) Version 1.0 uses user-based tokens for authentication
d) Version 1.0 is still widely available
10. When considering the three cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), which of the following are the sole responsibility of the cloud service provider (CSP)?
a) User access, applications, physical
b) Applications, infrastructure, network traffic
c) Hypervisor, infrastructure, physical
d) Hypervisor, data, user access


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: c

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