What Is GMOB Certification and Why Is It Important?

Top Reasons GMOB Certification Makes You More Valuable

In today's fast-changing tech world, mobile developers are leading the way in creating innovative apps used by millions worldwide. Certifications in this area demonstrate a developer's expertise and dedication to improving their skills. This article explores how to earn the GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst – GMOB certification, which not only enhances your abilities but also boosts your reputation in the competitive mobile development field.

What Is GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst Certificaton?

The GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB) certification confirms that individuals responsible for safeguarding systems and networks are adept at securing mobile devices accessing critical data. GMOB certified professionals possess expertise in evaluating and controlling mobile device and app security, as well as preventing malware infections and handling stolen devices.

Exam Inforamtion

The GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB) certification exam features 75 questions designed to evaluate candidates' proficiency in mobile device security, with a duration of 120 minutes allotted for completion. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 71% to obtain the certification, and the exam fee is $979 USD.

Exam Objectives

  • Analyzing Mobile Applications

  • Assessing Mobile Application Security

  • Attacking Encrypted Traffic

  • Managing Android Devices and Applications

  • Managing iOS Devices and Applications

  • Manipulating Mobile Application Behavior

  • Manipulating Network Traffic

  • Mitigating Against Mobile Malware

  • Mitigating Against Stolen Mobile Devices

  • Reverse Engineering Mobile Applications

  • Unlocking and Rooting Mobile Devices

How to Prepare for the GMOB Certification Exam?

1. Enroll in Official Training Courses

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the GMOB Certification exam is by enrolling in official training courses offered by GIAC or authorized training partners. These courses provide comprehensive coverage of the exam objectives and are led by experienced instructors who guide students through the intricacies of mobile device security.

2. Create a SANS Index

A SANS Index is a personalized reference tool created by candidates to aid in exam preparation. It involves meticulously organizing and indexing key concepts, tools, and techniques covered in the course materials. By creating a SANS Index, candidates can quickly locate information during the exam, saving valuable time and ensuring they address each question with confidence.

3. Leverage Practice Tests

Practice tests are invaluable resources for assessing readiness and identifying areas for improvement. Edusum offers practice tests that closely mirror the format and difficulty level of the actual exam. By simulating exam conditions and reviewing performance feedback, candidates can refine their skills and enhance their chances of success on exam day.

4. Stay Updated with the Latest Developments

The field of mobile device security is constantly evolving, with new threats and vulnerabilities emerging regularly. To stay ahead of the curve, candidates should stay informed about the latest developments, industry best practices, and emerging technologies. Engaging with online forums, attending conferences, and participating in webinars are excellent ways to stay abreast of current trends and expand one's knowledge base.

5. Join Study Groups and Peer Networks

Studying for the GMOB Certification exam can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be a solitary endeavor. Joining study groups or peer networks allows candidates to collaborate with like-minded individuals, share resources, and exchange insights and strategies. By leveraging the collective expertise of the group, candidates can enhance their understanding of complex concepts and reinforce their learning through peer-to-peer interactions.

Benefits of the GIAC GMOB Certification

1. Validation of Expertise

Achieving the GMOB Certification is a testament to one's expertise in mobile device security. It demonstrates proficiency in identifying vulnerabilities, implementing security controls, and safeguarding sensitive data on mobile devices. For employers, the certification serves as a reliable indicator of a candidate's skills and qualifications, making certified professionals highly sought after in the job market.

2. Career Advancement Opportunities

In today's competitive job market, employers prioritize candidates with specialized skills and industry-recognized certifications. The GMOB Certification opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities in cybersecurity, including roles such as Mobile Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Incident Responder, and more. Certified professionals can command higher salaries, pursue leadership positions, and take on challenging projects with confidence.

3. Enhanced Credibility and Reputation

Earning the GMOB Certification enhances an individual's credibility and reputation within the cybersecurity community. It signifies a commitment to professional development and a dedication to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices. Certified professionals are often viewed as subject matter experts and trusted advisors, garnering respect from peers, colleagues, and employers alike.

4. Access to Exclusive Resources and Networks

GMOB Certification holders gain access to a wealth of exclusive resources, including ongoing training opportunities, professional development programs, and networking events. Membership in the GIAC community provides access to a global network of cybersecurity professionals, allowing certified individuals to connect with peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on industry initiatives.


The journey to GMOB Certification is challenging but immensely rewarding. By leveraging official training courses, creating a SANS Index, practicing with mock exams, and staying updated with industry developments, candidates can position themselves for success on exam day. Beyond the certification itself, the GMOB Certification opens doors to a world of career opportunities, professional growth, and personal fulfillment in the dynamic field of mobile device security. Embrace the journey, and unlock the doors to mobile security mastery with the GMOB Certification.

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