Benefits of Passing GIAC GCIH Certification Exam Using Practice Test

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The GCIH is a security certification that demonstrates that the certification holder has the skills and knowledge to appropriately respond to and manage incidents and defend against them. GCIH Certification offers the basic skills to handle and respond to computer security incidents.

The GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) confirms the skills to detect, respond and resolve security incidents using various fundamental skills. Professionals who hold GCIH certification have the essential skill to handle security incidents by understanding standard attack methods, vectors, and tools to defend against such attacks and respond properly.

The GIAC Certified Incident Handler is a hands-on certification that includes incident handling and defense. This incorporates concepts, for instance, recovering from attacks, defense, and incident handling techniques.

Three different levels are available through the GIAC certification track (GCIH is one of them). By passing this certification exam, the individual attains the Silver level of certification.

The Gold level of certification demands the applicant to write a comprehensive technical report/white paper. If the paper is accepted, it will be certified as Gold level.

The Platinum level is the highest certification available and demands multiple Silver certificates. To receive this certification, thorough testing, research and assignments are needed.

As organizations strive to enhance their cyber security, Incident Handlers are ever more in demand, and the GCIH certification prepares you for this vital role.

GCIH Exam Details

  • Exam Name: GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH)

  • GCIH Certification Cost: 2499 $

  • Exam Duration: 240 minutes

  • Exam Questions: 106

  • Passing score: 70%

Tips and Resources to Crack GIAC GCIH (GIAC Certified Incident Handler) Exam

The GIAC certification exams can be hard to pass. So, thorough preparation is required to get a high result. There are multiple training methods that many people have used to pass the GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam. Here are some of the most powerful ways to avail yourself from your preparation:

1. Understand the GCIH Exam Topics

Understanding the GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam pattern is a must to carry out preparation successfully. The complete information about exam topics can be obtained from the official GIAC website or here. Go through the objectives before applying for the GIAC GCIH exam and begin the preparation.

2. Enroll in a Training Course

The SANS Institute provides a training course for GIAC Certified Incident Handler certification exam preparation. The course is known as SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, and Incident Handling. This course, SEC504, helps you evolve the skills to perform incident response investigations.

3. Acquire Practical Experience

Practical experience is a basic aspect of success in the GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam certification exam and work life. Any practical experience you obtain will stick with you for long. When required, it is helpful to carry out real-world tasks and deliver practical solutions.

4. Take GCIH Practice Test

GCIH practice tests will help you decide your level of preparedness for the GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam. But, make sure that you attempt the GCIH practice test from a reliable website such as It provides updated practice tests that you can take up from anywhere and anytime. They comprise GCIH exam questions and appropriate answers that let you evaluate your performance. By taking these exams, you will identify your weak areas and know where to put in more attempts. They are the most compelling way to perceive if you have grasped the GCIH exam topics. GCIH practice tests on the edusum website are intended to give applicants a feel of the actual exam.

3 Reasons Why GCIH Practice Test Are Important

1. Practice Makes Perfect

It is true that the more you practice anything, you ultimately become an expert in the thing you were practicing. It's true with the GIAC Certified Incident Handler practice test also. The more you study and afterward, the more GCIH practice test you attempt, you will confront no issue in taking your exam on the final day of your exam. It will be like any other day as you instilled the habit of giving practice tests daily.

2. Improves Patience Levels

GCIH certification exam is a test of long duration. Applicants have to sit for four hours to take their exam. Now, while some exam takers may be in the practice of sitting for long hours throughout the day, there are many applicants who may confront problems in this field. Therefore, GCIH practice tests will help applicants who want to raise their sitting hours capacity and want to instill the habit of studying every day.

3. Taking GCIH Practice Test Decreases Your Anxiety

The human mind is afraid of what it does not understand. A great amount of anxiety you undergo about the GCIH is your doubtfulness about what the exam will be like. A GIAC Certified Incident Handler practice test makes you familiar with the exam's structure, feel, and environment. This familiarity blows away your outlying uncertainty about the exam-taking experience, allowing you to concentrate on the content and problem-solving facets of the exam.

Benefits of Passing GCIH Exam

  • You will acquire essential and much-needed skills and knowledge on Offensive Operations, Cybersecurity and IT Essentials, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, Cyber Defense, Red Team Operations, Incident Response & Threat Hunting.

  • You will receive a certificate that will prove your sincerity in developing your career.

  • While looking for professionals to employ, many organizations often prefer individuals with GIAC Certified Incident Handler certification as they are well-informed and experts in the required fields. With the GIAC Certified Incident Handler certificate, you will be one of them.

  • Passing the GIAC GCIH exam indicates your commitment to value and superiority in anything you do.


If your objective is to get through the GIAC GCIH certification exam, you must ensure that you are well-equipped with the essential skills and expertise. By following the tips mentioned above and assuring you take the exam confidently, you will get through the GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam with flying colors. Achieving the GCIH certification will help you get your dream job.

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